Glow Up Challenge


The Glow Up Challenge is an experience that will motivate you to become the best, most successful version of yourself…and you’re getting access to it for FREE!

What’s Included in The Glow Up Challenge:

glow-up-challenge_free 7 day self-improvement guided challenge
  • 7-Day Motivational Experience To Keep You Focused On Your Glow Up Transformation Journey
  • Daily motivation tips to help you improve your mindset and health, so you can feel and look your best
  • Micro-habits you can work into your morning routine so you can stop feeling overwhelmed


    • Habits Bible & Habit Tracker
    • 40 Affirmations To Attract Good Luck & Positive Experiences Everyday
    • Vibration-Raising Tools
    • Gratitude Journal Prompts
    • Facebook community to connect with & support others on their Glow Up Journey
    • A New Motivation Moment Training Video Sent To You Each Morning!
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    Chelsea Clarke_self-improvement-glow-up-challenge_host

    Meet Your Host

    The Glow Up Challenge is hosted by Chelsea Clarke. Chelsea is a creator and investor, and is the founder of HerPaperRoute. Chelsea went from being a struggling waitress with no savings and no plan, to launching a business from her couch 6 years ago, which is now a 7-figure media micro-empire. She will be sharing growth mindset tips and daily habits at the Glow Up Challenge to inspire you to manifest your success story.

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