Why Beauty Editors Love Hypoallergenic Wax

Is Hard Wax Hypoallergenic? the best Hypoallergenic wax for sensitive skin

If you wax your skin, hypoallergenic wax has many benefits.

Our skin puts up with a lot. Not only do we apply many different products like make-up and skin-care creams, gels, and lotions.

But we also rip at it, expose it to the sun, scratch it, scrub it, and sometimes even scrape it! We need to find ways to be gentle with our skin for all the reasons that life can be harsh to it.

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This is just one reason why our beauty editors at EditorsFaves.com love hypoallergenic wax! Read on to learn about the many benefits.

Benefits Of Hypoallergenic Wax

We often think of hypoallergenic items for people with sensitivities and loads of allergies.

If we don’t fall into that category, we can tend to disregard hypoallergenic products ourselves.

While this may be true, and we don’t necessarily need to use hypoallergenic products, there are many positives to using them.

Hypoallergenic products can help to eliminate some of the harsh effects regular products can do on our skin.

There are loads of wax brands that create lines of wax and products that are all hypoallergenic like Cirepil’s Hypoallergenic Wax.

But, first we have to begin with the foundation of what hypoallergenic products are and what makes them different from others.

Hypoallergenic wax is a wax that has been made in a way to minimize the chances of someone, especially those with sensitivities and allergies, from experiencing irritation. They don’t contain the harsh chemicals, allergens, and often fragrances that other waxes can contain.

Dictionary.com gives us the most straightforward definition of hypoallergenic, defining it as something “designed to reduce or minimize the possibility of an allergic response, as by containing relatively few or no potentially irritating substances.”

Hypoallergenic items tend to be better for people who have sensitivities and reactions, such as skin rashes or breakouts, which can happen when we use products that contain ingredients that our skin doesn’t like.

Nowadays, allergies are all too common, and things that cause sensitivity to our skin are more prevalent now than ever before.

Are our bodies changing? Are the ingredients in the products we’re using changing? It’s hard to say, and probably is a combination of them all.

Nonetheless, hypoallergenic products can help alleviate some of the primary causes of skin irritation because of the lack of certain ingredients.

Since the wax we use is physically touching our entire skin, including the most gentle skin on our face and in our most intimate areas, using a hypoallergenic wax formulated to be delicate and reduce irritation is critical for a smooth experience (in more ways than one).

Is Hard Wax Hypoallergenic?

All hard wax is not hypoallergenic on its own. Some hard waxes contain fragrances that can cause allergies or reactions for individuals and preservatives or other chemicals that are commonly known to cause irritation.

Now, this is not to say that all hypoallergenic products will not cause allergies.

For instance, even without certain ingredients- if you have an allergy to almonds, but the wax contains almond oil and is hypoallergenic, you will probably still have a reaction.

Hypoallergenic does not guarantee you will not react at all; however, it does give a bit more assurance for those who naturally have sensitive skin and need alternatives to appease this type of skin.

So are there any hard waxes that are hypoallergenic?

You bet there is!

Which Wax Is Best For Sensitive Skin?

Hypoallergenic wax is best for sensitive skin! It’s not uncommon to find a hypoallergenic line of wax that is also made for sensitive skin as well, like this hard wax.

Now, this is why we really love hypoallergenic wax in general: because of its ability to reduce irritation and facilitate an easy and more comfortable waxing experience.

Just because a wax that’s hypoallergenic is more gentle on your skin doesn’t mean it’s not tough on hair.

These waxes are just as effective at pulling hair deep from the root as all other waxes.

Speaking of hard and soft wax, hard wax is often a top choice for sensitive areas because of its ability to adhere more to the hair and less to the skin, reducing skin aggravation.

But, you shouldn’t stop at just wax…

Hypoallergenic Products

If you have sensitive skin, you’re probably often looking for that “hypoallergenic” word on all the products you can find.

Fortunately, nowadays more and more products come out every day with this quality to meet those needs.

As women, and even men, hair removal is a necessity rather than a “want,” and for those of us with sensitive skin, razors may make us itchy, give us razor burn, ingrown hairs etc. Waxing might be the only solution!

But once you wax and get rid of your hair, your hunt is still on for products to use afterward that won’t leave you with broken-out skin.

Here’s a great hypoallergenic body lotion for dry skin that helps limit the possibility of a reaction. I’m also in love with this hypoallergenic and sensitive skin soap!

Just keep in mind to always check the ingredients of these and all other hypoallergenic products to be sure it doesn’t contain an ingredient that you already know you are allergic to.

How Do You Wax Very Sensitive Skin?

There are a few ways to wax very sensitive skin. You can use a pre-waxing oil to help protect the skin, you can use a wax that is specifically designed for sensitive skin, or you can try sugaring.

Sugaring is a form of hair removal that uses a sugar paste instead of wax. This can be less irritating for sensitive skin. If you are going to wax, make sure to do a patch test first to ensure that your skin can handle it.

You should also avoid using a strip wax, as this can be more abrasive on sensitive skin.

Hard wax is the number one choice for extremely sensitive skin. We recommend seeing a professional waxing specialist to wax you instead of trying it yourself if your skin is overly sensitive.

You can always ask if they stock a hypoallergenic line to use on you!

Is There Vegan Hard Wax?

Yes, there are many vegan hard waxes available like this hard sugar wax.

Keep in mind, though, that vegan does not necessarily always mean hypoallergenic.

Why We Love Hypoallergenic Wax

Hypoallergenic products eliminate ingredients that are commonly found to cause allergies or sensitivities.

Vegan products are ones that have no animal by-products. Even if entirely pure and all-natural, like our line, those with ultra-sensitive skin may find that hypoallergenic products still work better for them than all-natural, vegan products.

Why Beauty Editors Love Hypoallergenic Wax – Conclusion

Hypoallergenic wax is ideal for sensitive skin.

This type of wax is made up by not using ingredients commonly found to cause allergic reactions, such as dyes, fragrances, and other harsh chemicals.

Granted, there still may be specific ingredients included that you could be individually allergic to and would have to steer clear of.

For the most part, though, hypoallergenic products are often more gentle to appease those with sensitive skin.

Sugaring is another alternative to hypoallergenic wax. It is naturally vegan and is also effective for sensitive skin as it is much gentler!

In any case, if your skin reacts to just about anything you put on it, you won’t regret taking the leap and trying a hypoallergenic line for yourself!

Your sensitive skin may have just found exactly what it needed and it will be so grateful you did.

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