The difference between spirit guides and spirit entourages

The difference between spirit guides and spirit entourages

What is the difference between spirit guides and spirit entourages?

Sometimes, people refer to them interchangeably.

Both can help you, but there are some key differences in their roles.

In this article, we’ll explore the difference between spirit guides and spirit entourage and how they can help you in your everyday life.

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The difference between spirit guides and spirit entourages

The Difference Between Spirit Guides and Spirit Entourage

You may have heard of spiritual guides and entourage and wondered what’s the difference.

If you’re seeking insights into:

  • Understanding your own spirit guide…
  • Exploring the concept of a spirit entourage…
  • Discerning between the roles of both…
  • Or simply looking to broaden your spiritual knowledge…

You’ve landed at the right place.

At some point in your life, you may have felt a presence around you, guiding you through life’s challenges and helping you make decisions.

Does this mean an encounter with a spirit guide or entourage? Yes absolutely.

First, what are spirit guides?

A spirit guide is a being from the spiritual realm that helps you navigate life; they can give advice, provide comfort and offer guidance during tough times.

You chose your guide(s) before you were born, to guide you in this life on Earth.

Before you incarnated, you chose your parents, and planned what lessons you wanted to learn here in this lifetime, your guides were there to assist in choosing the situations that would give you the most soul growth.

Your guides know your soul contract and the reasons you have for your purpose in coming here again.

They know what you want to learn and who the other players are that you are supposed to have experiences with.

Once you were born (or slightly after), you forgot what those plans are. So your guides work tirelessly to assist you in this life, and keep you on the path to learning the lessons you came here to learn.

Often, we choose guides who have mastered specific skills and traits that we want to learn for ourselves here.

Spirit guides are usually there to help you through the ups and downs of life or your personal journey.

These guides have a connection with you from the spirit realm, they may be one of your teaches when you are there. They may have had past similar experiences or a shared purpose.

Your spirit guides work with you only, and are tasked with helping you through your entire experience here in this lifetime.

What is a spirit entourage?

On the other hand, spiritual entourages are a group of entities from the spirit world, who may care about you as well, but who are not necessarily assigned to you or know your soul contract.

The spiritual entities in your entourage are usually deceased loved ones/relatives, angels, and even animals.

They usually will come and go based on what goals or circumstances you are facing at the time.

Spiritual entourages offer their expertise or energy for specific situations.

Now what is the main difference between these two?

The main difference between spirit guides and spirit entourage is that the spiritual entourage consists of a group of entities who can check in on you from time to time.

While a spirit guide is permanent throughout your lifetime, and only assigned to you.

In other words, you will usually only have a couple of permanent guides that are constantly with you.

Whereas having a spiritual entourage means you can call on as many entities as necessary to help you, and they change as necessary.

Spirit Guides:

These beings assist you throughout life, offering guidance, protection, and support.

They are training to become a higher-ranking soul guide through each of your lifetimes, and have mastered specific traits your soul admires.

They may have lived lifetimes on Earth as a human in the past, but they no longer incarnate, as their work is in the ethereal now.

They are always guiding you during your incarnation on Earth, and will meet you once you cross over, to help you get accustomed back to the spirit realm once you return home.

I highly recommend that you read the books of Dr. Michael Newton.

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Spirit Entourage:

Beings in your spirit entourage may watch over you and send love when you need it too.

But they are usually souls that have their own learning and growth to do so aren’t responsible for guiding you, like your guides are.

This refers to the broader community of spirits surrounding you, including deceased humans and animals, elemental spirits, extraterrestrial beings, and other energetic presences.

Roles Assigned To Spirit Guides vs Spirit Entourage

Are you wondering what roles your spirit guides and your spirit entourage play?

Are they just sitting up there, chilling, or do they have jobs to do? Let me break it down.

Spirit Guides Roles:

Guides provide guidance: Your spirit guides are constantly there. Think about your best teacher, mentor, or coach. Got someone in mind? That’s kind of what your spirit guides are like.

They’re like the best kind of friends, always there when the going gets tough, offering little nuggets of wisdom to help you make those big life decisions.

Support your personal growth: They’re also cheerleaders for your personal growth.

They want you to be the best version of yourself, encouraging your spiritual development and helping you unlock your amazing potential

Protect you from negative energies: Spirit guides act as a shield, guarding you from lower vibrational energies They’re like your personal bodyguards against negative energies.

They keep you safe from lower vibes and ensure you’re secure on your path. It’s like having a 24/7 spiritual bouncer, cool huh?

Spirit Entourage Roles:

Beings in your entourage offer diverse perspectives: Your spirit entourage is quite the crew, you know?

Think of them as a diverse group of celestial beings, each bringing unique experiences and knowledge to the table.

They help broaden your perspectives and deepen your understanding of life’s twists and turns. Isn’t it amazing to have such a squad?

Provide specific assistance: And you know what’s even more fantastic? They’re not just there for general support, oh no.

Your spirit entourage steps up for specific situations or challenges you may encounter. It’s like having a specialist for each problem.

What’s not to love?

Engaging with your spirit guides and spirit entourage, let me tell you, it’s like having your personal spiritual Wikipedia, an enlightening, wisdom-filled journey!

Building this bond with your celestial crew helps you grow, heal, and gain insights into your spiritual journey.

Types of Spirit Guides

So, who exactly are these spirit guides? Well, they’re like your personal spiritual GPS, guiding you on your path.

They shower you with wisdom, support, and advice to help you make soul-aligned choices.

Ascended Masters: Spiritual masters who have crossed over but chose to guide souls who incarnate on Earth, from the other side.

Types of Spirit Entourage Members

Now, unlike spirit guides who are with you for the long haul, your spirit entourage is more of a pop-in, pop-out crowd.

They show up based on your current needs or circumstances. Let’s meet some of them.

Ancestors: These are your deceased relatives who continue to watch over and protect you.

Remember Aunt Betty who loved baking cookies? Or Grandpa Joe who always had a story to tell?

They’re still here, watching over you and offering love and protection. Angel Guides: these guys operate on a higher frequency, dishing out nothing but love and support.

Animals: Spirit animals can either be the actual soul of an animal who has crossed over (such as your cat, a cow or a fly), or an animal soul whose incarnated form represents qualities and traits. Often traits you need in your life, as these beings can serve as protectors.

So if you’ve got a favorite animal or feel a connection with a specific critter? They might be your spirit animals, embodying traits and qualities you need and acting as guides and protectors.

Celestial Guides: Consider them your cosmic consultants, guiding you through universal challenges and imparting cosmic wisdom.

Helping Spirits: Temporary guides that step in during specific periods or circumstances. They are your freelance guides, stepping in to offer their unique expertise during specific periods or situations.

Deceased Friends or Acquaintances: Spirits of those you’ve shared experiences with, stepping in to offer their support during relatable situations.

Elemental Spirits: Ever felt a connection with nature?

The Earth, air, fire, and water spirits assist you in embracing and healing the natural world. The key difference between spirit guides and the spirit entourage is the duration and depth of their involvement in your journey.

Spirit guides are like your lifetime best friends, always there, sharing insights throughout your spiritual adventure.

Your spirit entourage, on the other hand, is more like guest stars popping in to provide specific assistance in particular phases of your life.

Ways to connect with and communicate with your spirit guide or entourage

Remember, when interacting with both your spirit guides and entourage, your intuition is your best friend.

Maintain that strong connection, and you’ll have a wealth of wisdom and guidance to help you make better decisions and grow on your spiritual path.

Dreams and Meditation

Believe it or not, some of the best convos with your spirit team happen in your dreams and during meditation.

As you drift into dreamland, your mind opens up like a beautiful lotus, ready to receive messages.

You can even set an intention to connect with them before hitting the hay.

In meditation, try focusing on your breath (your life force) and send out an SOS for guidance or answers.

Then, sit back, relax, and keep yourself open to the cosmic info coming your way.

Symbols, Signs, and Synchronicities

Keep your eyes peeled because your spirit gang loves communicating through signs and symbols.

  • Are you seeing repeating numbers?
  • Or are you bumping into the same animal time and again?
  • Or, you know those moments that make you go, “Wow, what a coincidence!”?

Yeah, those aren’t mere coincidences.

They’re synchronicities a cosmic nudge from your spiritual crew!

When you notice these, do me a favor, give them a nod, acknowledge their presence, and ask your spirit guide or entourage for a little more clarity or insight.

Intuition and Awareness

Your intuition; it’s like your private hotline to your spiritual team.

Decoding their messages gets easier as you work on trusting your inner voice. Listen to that gut feeling, hunches, or the whisper of that small voice within.

And, you know what’s a fun idea? Start keeping an intuition journal.

Note down any experiences tied to your intuition and see how they align with moments guided by your spirit team.

You might be surprised by the patterns that emerge.

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Mediumship and Clairvoyance

For some of you, reaching out to a professional medium or psychic can be the golden ticket to communicating with your spirit guides and entourage.

These folks have fine-tuned their abilities to pick up and interpret spiritual wavelengths (pretty cool, huh?).

If you’re curious about deepening your connection, consider booking a session with a reputable medium or psychic.

It’s like having an interpreter for your celestial conference call!

The difference between spirit guides and spirit entourage – Conclusion

So really the key difference all boils down to the roles they have with you.

Your spirit guides? They’re like your soul’s best buds. They have a deep, special connection to you, a kind of spiritual loyalty.

You specifically chose them to help you here, before you incarnated into this life.

They’re in it for the long haul, providing guidance, wisdom, and a bit of protection as you steer through life’s twists and turns.

They know your soul contract and purpose and will steer you toward experiences that serve it.

Then there’s your spirit entourage. Think of this as your personal spiritual fan club.

They’re a diverse bunch of non-physical beings, your passed-on grandma, angelic beings, or other entities that are drawn to your energy like bees to honey.

They might change over time, more fluid and more temporary than your sturdy spirit guides.

As you take those steps on your spiritual journey, trust that gut of yours. Your intuition is your compass, your star map.

Don’t be shy to reach out to your spirit guides and entourage.

You can ask for help when you need guidance or feel like having a heart-to-heart. Each entity brings something unique to the cosmic table to lift you higher on your path.

Fostering a connection with your spirit guides and spirit entourage will enrich your spiritual experience and provide the extra resources you need for personal growth and self-discovery.

Just remember, keep those intentions pure, and understand these celestial beings’ different roles. And most importantly, enjoy the journey.

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