6 Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Speaking To You In Your Dreams

6 Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Speaking To You In Your Dreams

Are your spirit guides speaking to you in your dreams? It is certainly possible.

Dreams are a wild ride of their own, unpredictable and full of surprises. But once in a while, you may experience a dream that is so real, so vivid and profound, that you will just KNOW it’s more than just a dream.

You know those mornings where you wake up, thinking, “Wait a minute, that dream was onto something!”

Perhaps, they are your spirit guides trying to reach out to you, making their presence felt while you sleep.

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Sometimes, these are not just your imagination running wild. They could be your spirit guides trying to speak to you while you sleep!

Picking up on these signs can help you tune into their messages and better understand their guidance.

They might be trying to underline an important life lesson or point out an issue you need to address.

So, paying attention and keeping tabs on these dreams – especially recurring ones, can really help you uncover valuable insights.

For example, you may have noticed certain symbols or animals repeatedly appearing in your dreams.

These are not just random.

First of all, each sign carries its own spiritual meaning, like a little coded message your spirit guide is trying to send you.

In the post, we will discuss six signs that your spirit guides are trying to communicate with you through your dreams.

6 Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Speaking To You In Your Dreams

Why it’s Important to Listen to Your Spirit Guides

Tuning in to your spirit guides can be a great way to gain clarity, answers, and guidance in life.

Your spirit guides have an outsider’s perspective on the situation and can help you recognize blind spots or solutions you didn’t think of.

They are always looking out for your best interest.

By understanding their messages, you can access this powerful source of wisdom.

Who Are Your Spirit Guides?

Now, who are these spirit guides? Are they angels, ascended masters, or dearly departed loved ones…?

Well, although your departed loved ones watch over you and give you guidance from time to time, they are not your spirit guides.

And angels can pop into your life at certain times to offer guidance too, but angels are also not your spirit guides.

Your spirit guides (also known as your spirit entourage) are beings who you chose to guide you in this life, and you chose them before you were born!

They are beings who you are close with in the spirit realm (the ethereal, you know that place we hang out during our lives in-between lives).

Your passed loved ones and angels can show up randomly when you need them, and then dip out again, but your spirit guides are with you full-time, for every second while you experience this lifetime.

You chose your guides because you trust them, and because they have mastered specific things that you came here to learn for yourself.

They are always on standby for you, ready to offer wisdom from their unique higher perspective.

Imagine, these guides have the lowdown on your life’s purpose, tuned into your struggles, and are all about helping you make the best decisions.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of having these powerful beings in my corner gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

They’re there to protect, heal, and guide you.

Dreamland is their favorite stage.

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What about spirit animals?

Spirit animals are animals that are in spirit. They can be pets that have crossed over, as well as animal beings from the ethereal that watch over you.

Animals can also symbolize your inner strengths and talents and may also appear in your dreams.

A spirit animal guide might nudge you to tap into your intuition to trust your instincts…just as your spirit entourage can.

Note: by using the term “spirit animals” we are referring to animals from the spirit realm. We are not referring to Indigenous culture’s use of the term spirit animals.

How Can You Tune Into Your Spirit Guides?

The fact that you are reading this, shows that you are opening your awareness to learn about your higher self.

This opens the channel for communication between you and your guides.

Your guides have been sending you signs and communication all your life, but now you are starting to notice and communicate back to them.

I imagine they are thrilled by this!

You will start to notice signs, symbols, feelings…all those tiny breadcrumbs left for you in your dreams.

By listening to your spirit guides and being open to their whispers, you’re nurturing your inner wisdom.

This creates a beautiful connection with the spiritual world, something I’ve found transformative on my personal journey.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to enhance their intuition and self-awareness?

Being in tune with your spirit guides is like having a direct line to your highest good always pointing you towards the decisions that best serve you.

How to Know if Your Spirit Guides Are Trying to Communicate with You in Your Dreams – 6 Signs

Recognizing the Signs of Spirit Guides in Dreams

So how do you know if your spirit guides are saying “Hello, we’ve got something to tell you!”

Here are some signs to help you recognize their presence and messages:

Sign 1: Dreams on Replay

So, do you find yourself in the same dream situation over and over again?

Is the same storyline playing out in your mind every time you hit the pillow?

You know those dreams that keep popping up repeatedly, like a catchy song stuck on repeat in your head?

Well, what if I told you they’re not just random?

These recurring dream scenarios might be your spirit guides speaking to you in your dreams.

They may be trying to convey an important message you’ve not yet understood.

You know, the kind of message that’s important enough to send them knocking on the doors of your dreams night after night.

So next time you see that familiar dream sequence rolling in for the umpteenth time, don’t just shrug it off.

Pay extra attention!

Those dreams are invitations, asking you to look deeper and decode the wisdom they carry.

The recurring dreams could indicate that your spirit guides are reaching out and they often carry weight or intensity about them.

Their messages may seem more precise than what you’d find in your run-of-the-mill dream.

Sign 2: Vivid or Symbolic Dreams

Now, let’s talk about those dreams that are just so full of vivid images and symbolic gestures that they feel like a surreal art film.

They’re so detailed; they’re hard to forget.

If you find yourself experiencing these your spirit guides might just be trying to wave you down.

Its important that you take the time to decode their meanings and find out what they are trying to tell you.

Symbols can come in different forms, for example, animals, objects or scenes, and these symbols usually have a deep meaning that is relevant to your life.

So when you have dreams rich in symbolism, this is a sign from your spiritual guide, trying to communicate with you.

You should take the time to explore the meanings of the elements you encounter in your dreams so you can understand the guidance they are giving you.

Sign 3: Increased Dream Recall

It’s more usual to have nights where you don’t remember your dreams.

But for those mornings when you can recall every tiny detail of your dream more than you usually can,

It’s pretty much like remembering in high-definition; this sudden memory superpower could be another hint that your spirit guides are tapping on your mental window.

Sign 4: Sense of Presence in Your Dreams

Have you ever been in a dream where you can feel that you’re not alone?

Like there’s this comforting, guiding presence with you?

That might just be one of your spirit guides!

They may be introducing themselves and trying to chat with you while you’re exploring the dream realm.

Sign 5: Dreams of Loved Ones or Ancestors

How about those dreams where you get visits from loved ones who have passed on, or maybe ancestors you’ve never met?

It can be a heartwarming or bittersweet experience, right?

This could be another way your spirit guides are trying to connect you with these loved ones.

They may be helping them to pass on some wisdom, guidance, or even just some much-needed comfort.

Sign 6: You Wake Up With A Song Playing In Your Head

If you wake up with a song playing in your head, it could just be random, or it could be your spirit guides relaying a message to you verbally.

What are the song lyrics? Pay close attention to what the singer is saying. Or what the message in the lyrics is about.

Spirit guides tend to work with energy, symbols, and feelings. But sometimes we as humans don’t recognize those types of subtle signs, and we need a more literal, obvious message.

Song lyrics are a great way to get a message to you, if so!

What You Can Do To Better Connect With Your Spirit Guides Daily

Now, to boost that connection to your spirit guides and improve your ability to pick up what they’re putting down, here are some daily practices you might want to consider.


Regular meditation can tune you into your spirit guides’ subtle vibes.

By meditating, you are raising your vibration so you can open up to receive their guidance.

When you reach deeper levels of relaxation and internal peace, its easier to recognize the messages your guides are sending you.

Dream Journal

I can’t recommend this enough. Keep a dream journal by your bed!

Write down those dreams as soon as you wake up, and you might start noticing themes, symbols, or messages that keep popping up.

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Having daily or weekly rituals can set up a dedicated space and time for connecting with your spirit guides.

Whether you light a candle, use incense, or just take a moment to say a prayer or affirmation, it can really help to build that bond.

Be Present

Being more aware and present in your daily life can also make a difference.

When you are present, you tend to notice the small things. For example, you notice more signs, synchronicities, or intuitive gut feelings.

This will help you better recognize when your spirit guides are trying to get your attention.

The Different Ways Your Guides Can Communicate With You

Apart from dreams, what other communication channels might your guides use to speak to you?

Physical sensations

Do you know those odd physical sensations you might feel during quiet reflection or meditation?

They might be your spirit guides saying hello!

Colors and sparks of light

Have you ever seen little flickers of light or vivid colors out of the corner of your eye?

This could be your spirit guides making themselves known.

Numbers and symbols

You might start noticing recurring symbols or numbers here and there, like when you look at the clock or see a license plate.

These could be messages from your spirit guides.

For example, Seeing 11:11 on the clock or finding symbols that mean something to you popping up everywhere?

Spirit guides are known to use these methods, which are called angel numbers, to get their message across.

Feathers and trinkets

Are you finding feathers in strange places or seeing other random items repeatedly?

These could be tangible signs from your spirit guides.


Ever had a moment where everything just falls into place so perfectly it feels orchestrated?

That could be your spirit guides pulling some strings!

6 Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Speaking To You In Your Dreams – Conclusion

So these are the top six signs that your spirit guides are trying to chat with you in your dreams!

Remember, spirit guides are our best friends from the ethereal, always here to lend a helping hand, guide, and offer wisdom.

The next time you dream or feel an overwhelming sense of peace and protection, you know who might be visiting you!

And just like with any friendship, the key here is to keep the lines of communication open.

You need to pay attention to your dreams, look for the signs, and, most importantly, trust in your intuition.

Remember that the world of spirit guides is as vast and as varied as our dreams.

Ultimately, these dreams, signs, and messages from our spirit guides can enrich our lives unimaginably.

They can guide us toward personal growth, help us navigate life’s ups and downs, and even help us discover our life purpose.

At the end of the day, your spirit guides are there to offer guidance and support through this wild ride we call life.

By being open to their dream messages, you’re tapping into a source of wisdom that can fuel your personal growth, and give you a sense of inner strength like you’ve never known before. 

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