Grabovoi Numbers Are Cheat Codes To The Universe

Woman using Grabovoi Numbers As Cheat Codes To The Universe

If you’ve been using TikTok for a while, you’ve probably come across manifestation, the Law of Attraction, and Grabovoi numbers.

These codes are being used by many creators around the world to attract love, physical changes, money abundance, and pretty much anything else one truly desires.

Curious about how to use Grabovoi numbers to your benefit too?

Keep reading below to get the Grabovoi codes list and learn how to use Grabovoi numbers to manifest your desires.

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What Are Grabovoi Numbers?

Grabovoi numbers have been around for a long time, but they are gaining traction and popularity as a result of TikTok.

Grabovoi numbers, or Grabovoi codes, are also called Cheat Codes of the Universe, and for a good reason.

These codes are extremely useful for manifesting and accelerating the Law of Attraction.

These numbers are said to open powerful portals that alter our frequency, causing changes to occur more quickly toward our goals and even self-healing.

They were created by the Russian psychic Grigori Grabovoi using Radionic signatures.

The theory is based on the fact that all people and life forms share a common ground; we are all connected in some way by the earth’s electromagnetic field.

The numbers are “cheat codes of the Universe” that work within our system to manifest and heal.

The belief is that, because all living things have their own electromagnetic field, any distortions cause disease, sickness, and other ailments.

Because everything is made up of energy, radionics claims that organs, diseases, and treatments all have their own frequency and vibration.

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How to Use Grabovoi Numbers

There are many ways you can use Grabovoi numbers.

But firstly, you need to activate them. Write the following script on a piece of paper, “I ____ (your name) am going to activate the code for: ____ (enter the name and the Grabovoi Code) on the ___(date).”

For example, “I (name) am going to activate the code for: UNEXPECTED MONEY 520 7418 on the 25th of August.”

After that, you can use one of the following methods to use Grabovoi codes to manifest anything you want in life.

Journal Them

The first way to put the Gravoboi codes to use is to journal them. On one side, write down the Grabovoi number, and on the other, write down the actual things you want to manifest.

Alternatively, you can write the number at the top of the page, then write your manifestations, followed by the number again.

You can also write the secret cheat codes alongside your affirmations in the 33×3 method.

Memorize them and Repeat them Throughout the Day

This one is pretty straightforward, but there are two ways you can do this:

1. Repeat them mentally or aloud when you first wake up, before you go to bed, and whenever you can throughout the day.

2. Repeat them as affirmations or mantras. For example, “I am attracting financial abundance, activating the code 318 798.”

You might be wondering “How many times should I repeat a certain code?”

There is no set number of times you have to repeat the Grabovoi numbers for them to work. It’s all about intention.

Write them Down

Writing down the codes is a really powerful way to manifest what it is that you want the most. There are many ways you can write the Grabovoi numbers down.

Here are a few ways you can write down Grabovoi numbers:

1. Write them on a piece of paper several times.

2. Write down the code, tear it off the paper, and put it under your pillow.

3. Write down the number on a piece of paper, and carry that paper wherever you go. Put it in your pocket, your purse, or your wallet.

4. Write down the code and place it in your hands, palms up, over your heart, in a prayer position. Close your eyes and visualize the manifestations you want to see.

5. Put the Gravoboi number on a piece of paper and place it on top of your computer, laptop, notebook, or desk.

The idea is to put the code on something you use frequently so that every time you want to use it, you have to pick up the code and recite it.

6. Lastly, you can write the numbers on any part of your body.

Use them as Your Phone/Computer Password.

The next method of using Grabovoi codes to manifest your desire is by making them your phone or computer password.

Since phone passwords allow you to enter up to six digits, many people use Grabovoi numbers as their computer passwords because they allow you to write a longer password that includes all potentially 8 or 10 numbers.

However, if you use a six-digit code, you can safely use it as your phone pin!

This is a very simple way to repeat the code throughout the day because you will type it out wherever you will use your phone or computer.

Use Grabovoi Numbers with Crystals

The fifth way to use Grabovoi codes is to pair them with any of these types of crystals.

Write down the code you want on a piece of paper and on the crystal, then wrap it up and hold it while visualizing your desire.

You can also carry it in your pocket, bag, or purse at all times to have the power of the code and the crystal with you.

With Water

The final method of using Grabovoi codes is by writing them down on a piece of paper and placing a glass of water over it for a few minutes. You can also write them directly onto a water bottle.

Then, after a few minutes, drink the water with purpose. The idea is that you are ingesting the power of these numbers.

You can also visualize your manifestations wherever you drink water from that specific glass or bottle throughout the day. This can help with envisioning “putting” the code inside you.

As you can see, you can get really creative when using Grabovoi numbers.

I wrote the code on a piece of paper, folded it, and slipped it into my pocket. Someone contacted me on Fiverr for a $120 gig within 24 hours. Out of nowhere.

These numbers work if you believe they work.

Grabovoi Codes List

Here are the most used and most important Grabovoi codes list:

  1. Grabovoi Code for Financial Abundance: 318 798
  2. Grabovoi Code for Weight Loss: 4812412
  3. Grabovoi Code for Unexpected Money: 520 7418
  4. Grabovoi Code for Self-Healing of the Body: 9187948181
  5. Grabovoi Code for Love: 888 412 1289018
  6. Grabovoi Code for Peace: 1001105010
  7. Grabovoi Code to Attract your Crush: 89974476
  8. Grabovoi Code for Romantic Love: 3856794

How to Use Grabovoi Numbers – Conclusion

As you can see, the possibilities for using Grabovoi codes to manifest your desires are limitless.

When using Grabovoi numbers, the only thing you should be concerned with is your intention.

All of the other details, such as obsessing over how many times you say a specific Grabovoi code, are counterproductive.

Remember, numbers are just numbers when there are no intentions, beliefs, or energy behind them.

So, you have to put energy, belief, and good intentions when using Grabovoi numbers for them to be effective.

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