20 Things I Stopped Doing To Become My Best Self

20 Things I Stopped Doing To Become My Best Self

On my journey to self-improvement, there have been many things I stopped doing, in favor of letting the healthy new me shine.

When I look back, I am shocked by how many toxic things, foods, people, activities and thoughts surrounded me. Things that seem so normal in society, that are actually incredibly harmful.

When you release the bad stuff from your orbit, you allow good things to surround you, and your life will improve.

Here are twenty things I stopped doing, which allowed me to level up and improve myself greatly. #12 is a non-negotiable!

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20 Things I Stopped Doing So That I Could Become My Best Self
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20 Things I Stopped Doing That Helped Me Become My Best Self

1. Drinking alcohol

Alcohol is a toxin. It gives you zero health benefits yet it strips so much from your life, health, relationships and even your beauty.

Letting go of your drinking habit is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

2. Saying Yes To Things I Don’t Want To Do

When I started exercising my ability to say no, instead of people pleasing, my character grew. Setting healthy boundaries for yourself and where you spend your energy is HUGE.

I learned to stand up for myself, and say no to doing anything unless I was a) being paid royally for it, or b) really wanted to do it.

Try saying no. You’ll love it. And people will respect you for it.

3. Eating Crappy Non-Organic Food

In recent years I’ve started buying organic groceries as much as I can. I eat 90% organic and plant-based, and I feel incredible.

I can’t say I’m vegan though, as I still eat eggs. As long as they are free-range and organic from happy chickens, of course.

And, my nails, hair and skin are the healthiest they’ve ever been!

Plus when you start eating organic and plant-based, you can feel good knowing that your impact on the planet, and cruelty towards animals is a little lighter than most.

But isn’t organic food more expensive? In some places, yes. But I just remember this quote to remember why it’s worth it:

“When it comes to buying organic food or not, you can either pay for it at the grocery store now, of you can pay for it later at the hospital.”

– Birke Baehr

4. Looking at a scale

Free yourself from the scale. Just get rid of it.

You will love the freedom you will feel when you no longer check your weight. Just eat healthy, move every day and appreciate yourself.

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5. Consuming Dairy

No other animal drinks milk past infancy – especially the milk of another species. So why does the government push drinking milk so much on humans? It’s very weird.

I stopped drinking milk when I was 12 when I woke up and realized how weird and gross it is.

Organic almond milk is far superior.

6. Following Fashion Trends

Growing up, I loved fashion magazines and loved trying to re-create the model’s outfits from things I found at thrift stores.

But as an adult, I realized just how silly “trends” in fashion are. And that not every trend looks good on everyone.

It’s more important to just wear what feels right to you.

Stop chasing trends.

Save your money and invest in a quality capsule wardrobe of timeless pieces that suit your own personal style instead.

7. Being An Atheist

I was raised to believe that there was no heaven, God, or afterlife. It was a bleak outlook, and it caused me to have a troubled young adult life because “nothing matters.”

It wasn’t until I was 35 that I discovered the books of Dr. Michael Newton which changed my perspective and opened my mind up to the wonders of the Universe.

Dr. Michal Newton recorded the conversations he had with thousands of his patients while they were in a hypnotized state, and let them describe what it was they were remembering from their life before this one and specifically their life between lives.

He noticed that they were all describing a very similar-sounding place, which was interesting because these people came from all sorts of different beliefs and religious backgrounds. Yet they all experienced the same place.

Read his book Journey Of Souls to learn more.

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives (Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls Book 1)
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Newton, Michael (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 275 Pages – 09/08/2010 (Publication Date) – Llewellyn Publications (Publisher)

When I had my spiritual awakening, stopped being an atheist and started connecting with my higher self, spirit guides and past loved ones from the ethereal, my life gained a new meaning entirely.

See more of my self-improvement book recommendations here.

8. Sitting All Day

I run a company from home, which allows me the privilege of working from my pjs, in bed, snuggled up with my dog.

As a homebody who loves coziness, this is perfect.

But it is also too easy to get in a habit of not exercising which of course is detrimental.

I solved this when I purchased a home treadmill. I spend at least 15 minutes jogging or power walking on it each day while I do social media tasks or work on my phone.

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9. Comparing Myself to others

It’s oh so easy to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others these days. Especially on social media where you only ever see the perfect highlight reels.

But I made it a personal rule that I won’t compare myself to others, and instead, spend my energy and focus on my own progress.

10. Seeking validation from others

If you expect validation from others, girl, you will be very disappointed. People have their own lives and most people don’t care about what you have going on.

Learn to validate yourself.

11. Dwelling on the past

The past doesn’t exist. Repeat that!

What happened before is done and gone and only feels real because it’s in your memory. But it’s not real.

The only thing that is real is the present moment you are in.

Focus on your present moment and enjoy every second.

12. Hanging Out With Low-Vibe People

When you stop spending time with negative influences and surround yourself with positive people, your entire world opens up.

Prune the bad friends and toxic people from your life, and focus on building meaningful relationships with success-driven, positive and healthy people.

13. Watching The News

The news on TV is just propaganda. Turn it off, and don’t fall for it.


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Protect your personal well-being and remove yourself from situations where the news is being played.

14. Overthinking

Stop overthinking about things you can’t control, and learn to trust your intuition. Your intuition has your best possible outcome at heart.

15. holding grudges

Learn to practice forgiveness. Accept that people make mistakes, and some people are simply jerks.

Forgiving them doesn’t mean you accept their bad behavior it just means their actions don’t stick to you. You are above that, you are at peace, healed, and have moved on.

16. dwelling on failures

Failures are just stepping stones in your path to success.

Focus on the lessons you’ve learned from those experiences instead, and feel grateful that you had the opportunity to try and learn from something.

When you are on a journey to succeed at something, the Universe will often throw some tests at you, to get you trained up for when your big break comes.

Learn more about manifesting success.

17. Stop negative self-talk and cultivate a positive mindset.

One of the most important ingredients you need in your self-improvement journey is to cultivate a positive mindset, and we start this by practicing positive self-talk.

That means, say nice things about yourself to yourself all the time. Anytime you walk by a mirror stop and say “wow you look absolutely gorgeous and radiant today!”

Eliminate negative self-talk from your vocabulary.

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18. worrying about things I can’t control

If you can’t change it, don’t waste your energy worrying. Focus on what you can control.

19. seeking perfection

There are some people who have a really hard time taking action and doing anything because they are too worried about it being perfect.

If you are stopping yourself from starting a business, writing a book, or bettering yourself because you are afraid of it not being good enough…cut it out!

Perfection comes from practice, experience, and trial and error. How do you think you will ever get that experience if you never practice?

Done is better than perfect. Embrace progress over perfection and allow your craft to develop and improve over time.

20. living in fear

I probably never would have grown my business to 7 figures, had I not taken the calculated risks that I took.

When I learned how to let go of the fear of spending money, and accept that to get where I wanted to go I needed to make “scary” investments in my business, my business started to grow FAST.

When I let go of my fear of losing control, and hired a team to support me, my success timeline sped up 300%.

Learn to take calculated risks. If your dream is to own a profitable online business then go and buy one today.

20 Things I Stopped Doing To Become My Best Self – Conclusion

I hope this list of things to stop doing inspires you to cut out some toxic elements in your life. So that you can become your best most successful self.

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