Monos Review: Read Before You Buy This Luggage

Monos Review - best luggage company After 2 Years Of Use

I’ve been working on this Monos review for nearly two years. I wanted to see how my Monos luggage would hold up, after multiple business trips.

This way, I could give an honest review of its actual durability.

Read this monos review before you buy!

Is Monos really the best luggage company out there? In this Monos luggage review, we’ll take a close look at what makes Monos so special and see if it really is the best luggage company around.

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Monos Review - real photo showing durability of luggage after 2 Years Of Use
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Monos is a luggage brand that is getting a lot of buzz lately.

It’s a relatively new luggage company that’s quickly making a name for itself in the travel industry.

Their lightweight luggage designs and high-quality materials have caught the attention of many travelers. 

There’s nothing quite like packing your bags, buying a ticket, and jetting off to some exotic corner of the world.

But as much as I love to travel, I hate lugging around heavy bags.

You know the feeling – you’re at the airport, struggling to get your bag into the overhead compartment.

Or you’re on your way to the hotel, and your arms are killing you, from dragging heavy luggage.

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When it comes to luggage, there are a lot of choices out there.

I have been a traveler for quite some time now, and I’ve gone on business trips, weekend getaways, and long vacations.

And let me tell you, I have tried a LOT of different luggage companies.

But is Monos really the best?

In this Monos review, I cover everything from design to value, to durability from the first-hand perspective of someone who has actually used the product for a long time.

I will also share my experience with Monos customer service, and compare how this brand measures up to its competitors.

Let’s take an in-depth look at Monos and see if this is the best luggage company for your needs.

Luggage favorites - Monos review

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Monos Review: What Is Monos?

Monos Luggage is based in Vancouver, Canada, and is known for high-quality and sustainable luggage made to last.

Mono’s focus is on design, quality, and value.

They are made from an unbreakable polycarbonate shell, whisper-quiet wheels, and the handles extra sturdy.

Monos luggage comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a return policy of 100 days that only covers a try-it-at-home return.

This means you can try the luggage at home, and if you don’t like it, you can return it after 100 days. You cannot return it after a trip.

The company has a wide variety of bags to choose from, including:

  • Carry-on’s
  • Checked luggage
  • Duffel bags
  • Backpacks and more

What Is Monos Luggage Made From?

All of Monos’s luggage products are made from durable polycarbonate, which means they can withstand the rigors of travel and all the wear and tear airlines bring.

Because Monos knows travelers have different needs, they offer various bag styles, including carry-on suitcases, weekender bags, duffel bags, and more.

Monos Luggage Options

The Monos luggage comes in these options:

  • Carry-On
  • Carry on Pro
  • Carry on Plus
  • Check-in Medium
  • Check-in  Large
  • Hybrid Carry On
  • Hybrid Carry-On Plus

The carry-ons are great for cabin luggage; the real difference between the carryon, carry-on pro, and carry-on plus is the size.

The carry-on fits the airplane overhead bins for any standard airplane, so it may be your best bet if you want a simple carry-on.

  • Dimension: W; 14 , Height 27, Depth : 9

It comes with a sturdy handle and unbreakable shell,, great for withstanding any travel.

The carry-on Plus is designed for the “maximize space traveler.”

It’s a little longer and wider than a standard carry-on, so you can pack more luggage, but it won’t fit in the overhead bin of smaller planes.

It comes with all features of the regular carry-on.

  • Dimensions: 15 inches wide, Height; 23 inches, depth 25 inches

The carry-on Pro is designed with the professional traveler in mind and has a few more compartments, organizational pockets, and a detachable garment bag.

It comes with an in-built compartment in front where you can keep some essentials you need without opening the box. 

Great for carrying a laptop, this one is a little longer and wider than a standard carry-on, so it may not fit in the overhead bin of smaller planes. You may have to

What did I buy from Monos?

I bought:

  • Carry-on Pro Plus (2 of them)
  • Check-In Large
  • Duffle Bag

I decided to go with color Desert Taupe, for everything, to match my beige aesthetic.

Plus, I also bought some travel accessories from Monos. I bought:

  • A Folio
  • Blue Light Water Bottle
  • Blue Light Germ Zapper
  • Check-in protective bag (to protect the suitcase from rough airline handling – essential if you get a light color suitcase, as I did)
  • Compression packing cubes for each suitcase

All in all, I spent over $1,400 on my Monos gear!

Monos Design and Durability 

One of the things I love most about Monos Luggage is the design.

Monos has a unique design aesthetic. Their bags are sleek and modern, with a focus on minimalism.

It’s also super lightweight but still very durable, which is essential since suitcases tend to take a beating when baggage handlers throw them around.

I’ve had mine for a while now, and it still looks new, which is more than I can say for my last suitcase!

They offer a variety of colors and styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that suits your taste.

And if you’re someone who likes to stand out from the crowd, Monos is the way to go.


When it comes to quality, Monos doesn’t disappoint.

You won’t have to worry about your bags weighing you down or falling apart at the seams after a few uses.

Monos luggage is made from a high-quality polycarbonate material that can withstand even the roughest treatment.

And because it’s so lightweight, you’ll be able to pack more without worrying about going over the weight limit.

The extra sturdy handle is one of the best I’ve come across. The wheels are also whisper-quiet, which is a huge plus.

Compartments and Pockets 

Another great feature of Monos Luggage is all the compartments and pockets. 

There’s a place for everything, from your passport and boarding pass to your sunglasses and lip balm.

This comes in handy when you’re trying to find something quickly in your bag or when you need to pull out your passport at airport security.

 There’s even an external pocket where you can store your laptop or tablet so you can easily access it while going through security or boarding the plane. 


Monos offers a lot of value for the price, and their bags are made from high-quality materials and come with many handy features.

The TSA-approved lock gives an adjustable hand;e and water-resistant shell. 

You get great value for your money.

It also includes an anti-microbial laundry bag, two shoe bags, and a vega leather luggage tag

The only downside is that their return policy is a bit restrictive. 

You can only return the bag if you don’t like it after trying it at home, and you have to do so within 100 days.

However, this is still a pretty good return policy compared to other brands.

Competitors: Away vs Monos

Away is the closest competitor to Monos.

Both companies offer high-quality, stylish travel products that are sure to make your travel experience a breeze.

But how do you know which one is right for you?

What is the difference between away and Monos luggage?

There are a few differences between Away and Monos.

Here’s a helpful rundown of the pros and cons of each brand to help you make a decision.

Monos: The Pros

  • Monos offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products. So if your suitcase ever breaks or tears, you can send it back to Monos for a free repair or replacement.
  • Monos offers three different sizes of carry-on luggage, as well as checked luggage options.
  • The carry-on options are designed to fit most major airlines’ overhead bin.
  • Monos uses a durable polycarbonate hardshell material that can withstand even the roughest treatment from baggage handlers. And because the shell is clear, it’s easy to spot your bag on the conveyor belt after a long flight.
  • The company offers a wide range of colors and designs to choose from, so you can find a style that suits your personality.

Monos: The Cons 

  • Monos doesn’t have any physical stores where you can see the products in person before buying them. 
  • Because they use high-quality materials, Monos products are among the most expensive on the market. 
  • The company has faced some criticism for its return policy.

Away: The Pros 

  • Away offers free shipping on all orders, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra for delivery.
  • Unlike Monos, Away has brick-and-mortar stores in major cities across the country, so you can check out the products in person before making a purchase.
  • Away offers four different sizes of carry-on luggage, as well as checked luggage options. If you’re not satisfied with your suitcase, Away offers a 100-day trial period during which you can return it for a full refund—no questions asked.
  • The company partners with nonprofits to plant trees around the world, so every purchase helps offset your carbon footprint.

Away: The Cons 

  • Although Away suitcases are stylish and well-made, they’re not as durable as those from Monos; many customers have reported that the zippers break easily and the wheels pop off after just a few uses.

Monos Vs Away: Functionality

 Monos offers a wide variety of different luggage options, from small carry-ons to large checked bags.

And no matter what size you choose, you’ll get a well-designed design that maximizes storage space.

Monos also offers plenty of different pockets and compartments inside and outside their bags, which is great for staying organized on the go. 

Away also offers a wide range of luggage options, from small carry-ons to large checked bags.

However, their designs don’t seem quite as efficient as Monos’ in maximizing storage space. Away offers pockets and compartments outside their bags but lacks internal organization features. 

So when it comes to functionality, we have to give the edge to Monos.

Their thoughtful designs make it easy to pack everything you need without worrying about fitting it all in. 

Monos Vs Away: Stylishness 

Of course, function isn’t everything. These days, people want their luggage to look good too. And when it comes to style, both Monos and Away deliver. 

Monos offers a clean, modern aesthetic that will never go out of style.

Their bags are available in various colors, so you can choose the perfect shade to match your personal style.

And because they use high-quality materials, their bags always look sleek and polished – even after years of heavy use. 

Away also offers a clean and modern aesthetic similar to Monos. 

However, their bag selection is much more limited regarding color choices.

They offer some fun patterned options – which may appeal to some – but if you’re looking for a more classic look, Monos is the way to go. 

What is the best Monos luggage alternative?

There’s no clear winner in the battle between Monos and Away; it really depends on what’s important to you as a traveler.

If durability and style are your top priorities, then Monos is the way to go. However, Away is the best Monos Luggage alternative and is slightly more affordable.

So, How Does Monos Luggage Hold Up After 2 Years Of Use?

I am happy to say that after almost 2 years of use, having dragged my Monos luggage through multiple airports and terrain, it is still in very good condition.

Aside from a dent that occurred when a baggage person tossed it too hard, and some scuffs here and there, everything else is in good shape.

The wheels still roll, and there are no major damage issues.

Is Monos suitcase worth it? Does Monos live up to the hype?

 So, is a Monos suitcase worth it? The truth is, there are a lot of things to love. 

The designs are sleek and modern, the materials are high quality, and the price point is surprisingly reasonable. 

Plus, Monos offers a lifetime warranty on all of its products, so you can rest assured that your investment will last.

Ease of Use

One of the things I value most in a luggage company is the ease of use.

I don’t want to struggle with my luggage when I’m trying to catch my flight or hauling it through the airport. Monos delivers in this area.

Their luggage is easy to carry and maneuver. Plus, their website is super user-friendly and makes it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Ease of Use: 5/5


When it comes to variety, Monos has a lot to offer. They have a wide selection of luggage, including carry-ons, duffels, and hard-sided suitcases.

They also have a bunch of different colors and styles to choose from. However, they don’t have as many options as some of the other companies out there. But what they lack in quantity, they make up for in quality.

Variety: 4/5


This is where Monos really shines. Their luggage is of top-notch quality and Is made from durable materials that withstand a lot of wear and tear.

And if you have any luggage problems, Monos has an excellent warranty policy that will take care of you. 

Quality: 5/5


Monos isn’t the cheapest option out there, but their prices are fair, considering the high quality of their products.

Plus, they often have sales and discounts available, so you can save even more money if you keep your eye out for those.

Price: 4/5 

Monos Customer Service

I had a question about my order, as some items were shipping separately I wasn’t sure when everything would arrive.

I reached out to Monos’ customer service. They were very friendly and diligent about answering my question and providing tracking details.

In that regard they were great!

Frequently Asked Questions About Monos Luggage

Is Monos a Canadian company?

Monos is a Canadian company. It operates from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Is Monos a reputable company?

Is Monos a reputable company - trustpilot score monos review

Yes, Monos is a reputable company. It has a Trustpilot score of 4/5.

Who Owns Monos?

Monos was founded by Victor Tam, Hubert Chan, and Daniel Shin, in 2018. They are childhood friends.

Where to buy Monos luggage?

Monos luggage can be purchased directly from their website as well as Nordstrom.

Monos luggage negative reviews?

From my research, and from personal experience using Monos luggage the only negative reviews I see that I can confirm are:

– The lighter-colored suitcases can show scuff marks (Monos includes a sponge eraser for this reason)
– The lifetime warranty is a bit limited

Monos Review: best luggage company Or Hype? Conclusion

So, is Monos the best luggage company?

In my opinion, after testing it out for two years, I say yes! 

Monos offers high-quality durable travel products that are easy to use and come in various styles and colors.

However, they could stand to improve their customer service when a damaged piece needs to be replaced.

They should be jumping to replace damaged/dented luggage, no questions asked.

Aside from that, if you’re looking for new luggage, I recommend trying Monos!

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