Ettitude Review: Sustainable Silk for Luxurious Lounging

Ettitude Review: Sustainable Silk for Luxurious Lounging

We LOVE a good eco-friendly brand around here, so we thought we’d dig into an Ettitude review.

We wanted to take a closer look at this vegan, sustainable silk eco-lifestyle brand to see whether or not the pieces are actually worth it.

If you’re looking for a modern loungewear brand that produced eco-friendly pieces from lounge pants to soft, silky sheets, you’ve come to the right place. Ettitude is all about eco-innovation, sustainability and comfort.

So let’s dig into the Ettitude company, and its best-selling pieces, and talk about whether or not we’re willing to invest in quality sleepwear…

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About Ettitude

There are a lot of sustainable brands coming out of the woodwork (and it’s about time), but Ettitude sits on the more unique end of things.

They’re focused on creating next-gen fabrics (yes, this really is a thing!) and using them to fashion sustainable clothing and lifestyle products (think silky robes and luxurious sheets).

The company’s ultimate goal is to fulfill its 3 pillars:

  • Ennovation (that is, eco-innovation)
  • Conscious
  • Optimistic

Their philosophy is right there in their name, Ettitude, eco-attitude!

The company fancies itself a fabric innovation and lifestyle brand. Their soft, sustainable (trademarked) materials are carbon-neutral and vegan.

Plus, their fabrics are washable. Yes that’s right, washable silk that isn’t made from worms!

CleanBamboo® is luxurious to wear, cuddle up with and travel — so if you’re looking for a brand to help you elevate your relaxation time, Ettitude is for you.

Ettitude review: bestsellers

Let’s take a look at and review some of Ettitude’s best sellers. Including four pieces I wear all the time.

Wearing my Ettitude review - luxurious sustainable bamboo sleepwear
The four pieces I got from Ettitude

1. Sateen Slip Dress

When I go to bed in this sateen slip dress, I always feel a sense of elegance.

It’s just so pretty! I appreciate that it is actually tailored and fitted (not just a basic loose cut like most slip dresses on the market).

The best part is it’s made of silky-soft, sustainable bamboo lyocell which is hypoallergenic. Like at Ettitude products, not only is it vegan silk, but its also machine washable!

2. Sateen Shortie

Reduced by 82.42% (Lossy)

Warm weather will be fast approaching soon, and that means thinking about breathable pajamas.

These sateen shortie pants deliver on that with a fun dash of colour, quality, and elegance.

Not only do they feel comfortable on your skin, but they’re roomy enough for those warmer nights.

Whether you’re doing some light gardening or cozying up with a good book, these lounge pants have you covered.

Why we love it

  • Soft sateen weave
  • Polished PJ look
  • Non-clingy material

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3. Sateen Shirt Dress

3_ettitude review luxurious sustainable pjs

Made from 100% bamboo lyocell, this sateen shirt dress makes for luxuriously comfy sleepwear.

It features a structured collar, flowing drape, and it provides a great balance of being put together but relaxed at home.

If you’re used to a nightshirt or sleep dress, this is the pajama alternative for you.

It’s made of silky-smooth and durable bamboo which provides a soft, cool, and naturally breathable wear that’s built to last.

Why we love it

  • Hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
  • Relaxed flowy fit
  • Luxurious vegan silk

4. Sateen Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are a fun outfit out, but what if you could wear one to bed?

Ettitude has this cozy bamboo sateen jumpsuit that’s tailored to provide a comfy, polished fit.

It’s made of hypoallergenic fabric that works for all types of skin, and is created specifically to keep you cool.

And the wide legs for a perfect companion to a pair of cozy reading socks and a good book.

Why we love it:

  • Comes in three neutral colors: moss, ocean and onyx
  • Silky soft
  • Vegan friendly

5. Sateen Wide Leg Pant

Let’s say you LOVE the jumpsuit idea, but could do away with the top part…well, in comes a wide-leg pant!

With your choice of 3 stylish colors — oat, chamomile, onyx — it was made to lounge in style.

These silky pants are made of bamboo and are designed to keep you cool and comfortable.

They feature both pockets and pleats, plus there’s a drawstring so you can adjust the fit.

Why we love it

  • Pockets — need I say more?
  • Soft, vegan silk
  • Loose, flowing fit

6. Sateen Robe

sateen robe ettitude review

Robes provide a truly glamorous lounging experience, and the Sateen Robe is a gorgeous example.

It’s softer-than-silk, drapes your shape beautifully and is practically weightless.

We love that this loungewear is designed to be wrinkle-free, which means you don’t need to worry about packing it.

The fabric is described as soft and light, and wearers love the silk alternative.

Why we love it

  • 100% bamboo, soft, vegan silk
  • Wrinkle-free material perfect for travel
  • Lightweight, practically weightless

7. Relaxation Bundle


The Relaxation Bundle offers a little bit of everything for those looking to experience some eco-luxury. It features:

  • 1 pillowcase set
  • 1 slip dress
  • 1 eye mask
  • 1 robe

When you bundle these cozy items together you get 20% off the individual pieces.

For those that want to spice up their sleeping routine, these are the Ettitude items for you.

Luxurious lounging is an investment, and this bundle takes care of everything you need.

Why we love it

  • Elevate your sleep game with a bundle
  • Enjoy the soft, silky feel of vegan silk

8. Sateen+ Sheet Set

sateen sheets ettitude review

It’s not ALL about the clothes over at Ettitude, they’ve got some pretty sweet sheets as well.

We love their Sateen+ sheets, which come in Queen or King. They feature a silky-soft signature sateen weave that comes fit with anti micro rial properties that can help your sheets stay clean and fresh.

Their color scheme is more on the neutral end of things, featuring cloud, fog, slate, and ocean — all earthy tones that work well with popping accent colors (if that’s your decor style).

Best of all their eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, so they should work for everyone!

Now this is the ultimate in luxurious lounging!

Why we love it

  • Silky soft
  • Elevates your sleep (BIG time)
  • Deep pockets in the fitted sheets

Ettitude pros & cons


Ettitude makes silky, soft sleep and loungewear that’s great for the every woman. Their pieces are sustainably made of breathable, cooling, 100% bamboo vegan silk, providing you not only an earth-friendly piece of clothing but something quality that will last.

Beyond their gorgeous lounge pieces, they have soft bedding and sleep accessories that will seriously improve your bedroom comfort game.

Slip on a sateen shirt, cozy up in some bamboo blankets and slide down a silky face mask — you might just experience the best sleep of your life.

Ultimately, their innovative fabric is a BIG pro, especially if you’re looking to clean up the products around you. They’re innovative in their use of bamboo, which results in a unique product that’s really worth taking home.


While Ettitude offers gorgeous sustainable sleep and loungewear, their sizing isn’t the most inclusive range. The largest size we found on the site was an XXL, which certainly doesn’t cover ALL body types.

As a luxury brand offering exquisite products, they are not trying to be “affordable” and higher prices are to be expected. Which may be a con for some people.

However, their superior material and elegant design make the price well worth it.

Ettitude: is it worth it?

While it really depends on you as a consumer, we think Ettitude is well worth it.

Of course, we’d love to see larger sizing varieties in their clothing and maybe a few additional colors in some of their products, ultimately the value is there.

This sustainable brand makes quality products that cost a little bit more but you can love for longer.

We love the cooling, wrinkle-free properties of their innovative material, and the overall elegance all of their products (not just the clothing) provides.

If you’re looking for sustainable, gorgeous lounge accessories and clothing, we’d highly recommend giving Ettitude a try. You might just secure the best sleep of your life!


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