Vanderpump Rules Theme Party Ideas – Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Vanderpump Rules Theme Party Guide - How to plan an epic Vanderpump rules viewing party

If you are planning a Vanderpump Rules theme party, or a Vanderpump Rules viewing party to watch the finale or reunion, this article has everything you need to make your event a success.

This is the ultimate guide to planning an epic Vanderpump Rules party.

Because, for Pump Rules fans, this is our Superbowl.

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Props For Your Vanderpump Rules Theme Party shopping ideas

Hosting a Vanderpump Rules theme party is easy when you have the following decor, music, food, drinks and games.

It’s all happening! Here’s literally everything you need.

1. Vanderpump Rules Theme Party Decor Ideas

vanderpump rules theme party photobooth props

Create a photobooth wall where guests can take pictures using these photobooth props.

vanderpump rules theme party decor ideas - vpr pins buttons copy

To get everyone in the spirit, be sure to have these Vanderpump buttons/pins available for guests to wear.

As well as these stickers!

vanderpump rules party stickers

Saint Ariana Candles

Decorate the event space with these candles so no one needs to question whose team you are on.

saint team ariana candles vanderpump rules party ideas

Get the Saint Ariana candles here.

Never Trust A Tom Glasswear

never trust a tom sandoval glass

Get the Never Trust A Tom glasses here.

The SUR bar Sign

Make your patio or living room look like Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR restaurant with these SUR themed decor ideas.

All you need is 3 letter cutouts, to make the iconic SUR bar sign.

Order the letters S, U, and R on Amazon, and place them on your bar or snack table.

2. Vanderpump Rules Theme Party Food And Drinks

When hosting a Vanderpump Rules theme party, there are a few key items to serve your guests.

Goat Cheese Balls

Delicious Easy goat cheese balls recipe - Vanderpump rules party ideas

Ah, the iconic goat cheese balls…

Goat cheese balls are easy to make.

  • Simply take a slice of goat cheese, roll it into a ball and toss it in a batter of all-purpose flour and panko.
  • Then crack 2 eggs into a bowl, roll your breaded goat cheese balls in it, and then fry ’em up for 5 minutes.
  • Once plated, you can make your goat cheese balls super authentic by serving it with some mango chutney and crostini.
  • Or, simply drizzle them with some honey, and add a sprinkle of crushed pistachios and sea salt.

It’s Not About The Pasta, Pasta

Serving some sort of noodle dish at your Pump Rules party is a must. Because, the cast of Vanderpump Rules mentions the word “pasta” a lot.

In Charlie’s first season, she declared that she has never eaten pasta in her life because she thinks its too unhealthy.

But more interestingly, it’s been rumored that pasta is a code word the cast uses for co*aine.

Whether it’s James and Lala fighting over who took Raquel’s pasta or Ariana drunkenly declaring “Stay! we have pasta!” at a party that appeared not to be serving any food, pasta is an ongoing VPR theme.

We love these “It’s Not About The Pasta” decor items:

its not about the pasta decor vanderpump rules theme party ideas_

Get it here.

Pumptinis Or Virgin Pumptinis

To serve Pumptinis at your Vanderpump Rules party you will need:

Or, to make a virgin Pumptini, you will need:

How to prepare a Pumptini:

Muddle the raspberries and simple syrup in a shaker. Next, add in the vodka, Pavan liqueur, fresh grapefruit juice, and lime juice. Next, add ice and shake like you’re being paid to do it before straining the drink into a martini glass. Add sugar around the rim of the glass and finish by garnishing the drink with a raspberry or a lime wedge. Throw in someone’s face while screaming, “It’s MY birthday!”

– Becky at Betches.com

Tequila Katies

“Tequila Katie” is cast member Katie Maloney’s alter ego. You can serve tequila sunrises and call them “Tequila Katies.”

You’ll simply need orange juice, tequila (or non-alcoholic tequila) and a splash of grenadine.

3. Vanderpump Rules Party Games

Turn any old Guess Who board into a Vanderpump Rules Guess Who with these custom VPR game cards.

vanderpump rules party games ideas guess who copy

Other fun Vanderpump Rules party games:

Obviously, the winner gets to wear a #1 Guy In The Group Tshirt.

I’m The Number One Guy In This Group – T-Shirt
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

4. Vanderpump rules party Music

Wondering what music to play at a Vanderpump Rules theme party?

Any great Pump Rules party will need to have these songs ready…

Play The Vanderpump Rules Theme Song

What is the Vanderpump Rules theme song?

It’s “Raise Your Glass” by Dena Deadly, which plays during the opening credits at the beginning of every episode.

We love that James Kennedy plays the theme song during his live shows!

@pagesix #JamesKennedy has the girlies losing their minds over the #VanderpumpRules ♬ original sound – Pagesix | Celebrity Gossip

Of course, you will need to play the iconic song, “Raise Your Glass” by Dena Deadly at your Vanderpump Rules party.

You can check out James Kennedy’s original music and add it to your party playlist too.

Play Scheana Shay’s “Good As Gold”

Did you know that Vanderpump Rules has a second although unofficial theme song?

It’s Sheana Shay’s “Good As Gold” of course!

Although the campy song got some flack in the beginning, it’s become a cult favorite for fans over the years.

Other Cast VPR Member’s Songs

Other members of the Pump Rules cast have released music over the years as well.

  • James Kennedy and Lala made “Feeling You”
  • James Kennedy and Ariana Madix made “Party”

And, uh, Tom Sandoval has a band too.

But does he need any support? That’s up to you. They’re called Tom Sandoval and The Paid Extras, or something like that.

5. What To Wear To A Vanderpump Rules theme Party

As the host of the party, you get to decide if there will be a dress code, and if so, how you want your guests to dress the part.

Here are some ideas for what to wear at a Vanderpump Rules theme party.

Assign Each Guest To Dress Up As A VPR cast member

Assign each of your guests to a VPR cast member, and see them dress up in one of their iconic looks.

Or simply buy a few VPR-themed Tshirts!

Scumbag & Cheaters Shirt

scumbag and cheaters shirt - what to wear to a vanderpump rules party ideas copy

Get yourself a Scumbag & Cheaters shirt, designed to look like the Schwartz and Sandy’s logo.

Good Morning To Everyone But Tom Sandoval

good morning to everyone except tom sandivol shirt

Get the Good Morning To Everyone But Tom Sandoval Sweater.

Click to shop:

The Ultimate Vanderpump Rules Theme Party Guide – Conclusion

We hope your Vanderpump theme party will be a raging success. Please share this article if you found it helpful.

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Vanderpump Rules Theme Party Ideas - Ultimate Guide
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