90 Positive Self-Care Affirmations For A Healthy Mind And Body

90 Positive Self-Care Affirmations For A Healthy Mind And Body

Self-care is the act of taking care of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. We all know the importance of practicing self-care for one’s personal growth.

But most of us still neglect it.

So, why is it that even though we know that it’s important to take care of ourselves, we can’t find the time or energy to do it?

It is all a matter of priorities.

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These self-care affirmations are designed for those of you who may find it hard to justify time for yourself.

Repeating these affirmations daily out loud, silently in your mind, or writing them down in a journal, will create new neural pathways in your brain(1).

You’ll find that you’ll begin to make long-term changes to your mindset and your reality with an attitude shift.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Positive Self-Care Affirmations For A Healthy Mind And Body

With so many of us getting drowned in the hustle culture, and the constant need to be productive, we tend to forget or totally neglect to take some time off for ourselves.

Here are 90 positive affirmations for self-care.

  1. I deserve to feel incredible about myself.
  2. I am worthy.
  3. I am valuable.
  4. I love and accept myself.
  5. I am more than enough.
  6. I have so much to offer.
  7. I am inherently valuable.
  8. Someone else’s worth does not take away from my own.
  9. I am in competition with no one. I am the best at what I do in my own way.
  10. I am worthy of all that is good.
  11. I experience great abundance in my life.
  12. I am abundant in energy and creativity.
  13. There is more than enough to go around.
  14. My self-worth comes from validating myself.
  15. I withdraw my energy and attention from others now and return it to myself.
  16. I take all others off a pedestal now.
  17. I honor my divine self.
  18. I reconnect with my inner wholeness now.
  19. Other people recognize my sense of worth.
  20. I honor myself and therefore the world honors me.
  21. I respect my own time and energy.
  22. I give to myself all that I once desired from others, now.
  23. I make offerings of love, well-being, beauty, and nurture to myself now.
  24. I recognize my divine worthiness.
  25. I already have the qualities that I admire in others, within myself.
  26. Today, I bring forth those qualities.
  27. I honor what makes me unique.
  28. I spend my time and energy wisely.
  29. I am open to the world around me.
  30. I am worthy of everything good that is coming to me.
  31. I am beautiful and loveable.
  32. I’m willing to connect to myself with compassion right now.
  33. I breathe in love and exhale self-judgment.
  34. I choose to let go of any pain that I still hold on to.
  35. I’m letting go of what no longer serves in this journey of life
  36. I believe in who I am, I believe in the gifts I bring to this world.
  37. I’m always evolving.
  38. I set healthy boundaries and take extra time to heal if needed.
  39. Each day is an opportunity for me to stick into my light.
  40. I allow myself to feel my feelings, I bravely witness my fears.
  41. I take time to recharge myself.
  42. I honor my needs.
  43. I heal others by healing myself.
  44. I feel my body where it connects to the earth, and I allow this feeling to surface.
  45. I breathe deeply and allow my breath to anchor me into the present moment.
  46. I’m safe and secure, right here, right now.
  47. It is worth it to make time for self-care because it helps me with my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  48. I honor my body and choose to nourish it with healthy foods.
  49. It is my birthright to feel joy.
  50. I am enough.
  51. I know that some parts of me require more self-care and love than others.
  52. I show up for myself every day.
  53. Strong boundaries are good for me, and anyone in my life.
  54. I’m gentle towards myself when I’m making mistakes.
  55. I choose to focus on the positive things in my life.
  56. I’m open to being kind to myself today.
  57. I’m open to accepting where I am right now.
  58. I am my own biggest cheerleader.
  59. I am my greatest supporter.
  60. I am important.
  61. am imperfectly perfect.
  62. I am worthy of my attention and care.
  63. I am present to the now, bringing all my attention senses to the present moment.
  64. I perceive and value my authenticity.
  65. I let go of negativity and judging and bring in understanding and healing where I needed the most.
  66. I embrace my power.
  67. I choose to focus on what is helpful and positive.
  68. I appreciate the small things that happen daily.
  69. I am kind and patient with myself.
  70. I accept and nature my mind, body, and emotions just as they are.
  71. I ask for help when I need it.
  72. I understand and respect my boundaries.
  73. I can choose to say yes or no whenever I feel like it.
  74. I’m open to receiving love and care from others.
  75. I trust my intuitive wisdom.
  76. I care for myself.
  77. I give myself room to grow.
  78. I am powerful.
  79. I’m grateful for who I am.
  80. Each day is filled with joy and excitement.
  81. With every breath in, I find the flame of self-love and self-care.
  82. With every breath out, I extinguish what no longer serves me.
  83. I am changing and elevating my reality.
  84. I’m creating my reality from the inside out.
  85. I find what makes me smile naturally.
  86. I am calm and confident.
  87. Joy is my compass.
  88. I am one of a kind.
  89. I only compare myself with the best version of myself.
  90. Today, I will succeed.

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90 Positive Self-Care Affirmations For A Healthy Mind And Body – Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed reading these awesome and unique self-care affirmations.

You may want to bookmark this page or save it in your Pinterest boards to come back later.

Because practicing self-care can be so difficult at times, it is important to remind yourself constantly by repeating or jotting down affirmations.

It all comes down to getting healthy and strong boundaries with yourself first, and others later.

Which one did you like most? Feel free to share your own affirmations by commenting below.

And don’t forget to share these positive self-care affirmations with your partner and friends.

Lastly, thank you for reading this post. Be mindful, and don’t forget to take care of yourself!

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