How to Do the Pillow Method for Shifting: Easiest Shifting Method

pillow on bed How To Do The Pillow Method For Shifting: Easiest Shifting Method

The Pillow Method for shifting realities is very popular, and it involves writing and reciting affirmations before bed in order to shift your consciousness to a different reality.

When compared to other reality-shifting methods, the Pillow method does not require any visualization on your part, making it ideal for anyone who is new to reality-shifting.

It’s also a sleep method, which means you’ll fall asleep while using it.

Keep on reading to find out the step-by-step guide to the Pillow Method for Reality Shifting:

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Because of how simple it is, the Pillow method of reality shifting has been one of the most popular shifting methods among beginners.

Whether or not one has prior experience with shifting or meditation, the Pillow method is simple enough for anyone to use.

So, let’s get started.

Step 1: Write a Script and Some Shifting Affirmations.

The first step of performing the Pillow method is to write a shifting script if you haven’t already.

Write a script if you haven’t already. I’m pretty sure this and the Raven method are the only methods that require one.

If you need help with scripting, I’ve covered that in a previous post, so go read that.

After you’ve written your shifting script, write some affirmations on the back of your script, or on another piece of paper if you don’t have enough space.

Here are some examples of shifting affirmations:

  • I am shifting.
  • Shifting comes easy to me.
  • I can and I will go to my desired reality.
  • I love being at my desired reality.
  • My desired reality is awesome.
  • I am happy in my desired reality.

If you have your script and/or affirmations on your phone, I strongly advise you to print them out because we’ll be using the papers for the next step.

Step 2: Place the Paper(s) Beneath your Pillow.

The next step of using the Pillow method to shift to your desired reality is to put the paper(s) under your pillow.

You could technically put your phone on your bedside table or next to you, but I’d avoid doing so for a few reasons.

Radiation, and overheating, to name a few risks, and it just doesn’t feel the same as physically placing the papers beneath your pillow.

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Step 3: Fall Asleep.

The third and final step of the Pillow method is pretty straightforward, and it is to fall asleep.

You can listen to subliminals as you fall asleep, but this is totally optional.

You can listen to whatever you want and fall asleep in any position you want.

Or, you can recite some of the affirmations you wrote down to yourself either out loud or mentally, and/or read your script before going to bed.

Or, you can just go to sleep.

Now, if you simply go to sleep, keep in mind that you must believe you will shift; not only that, but you must also have the intent to do so.

Remember that mindset and belief are the keys to shifting successfully.

You should wake up in your Desired Reality!

Final Words

With that being said, you now know how to perform the Pillow method in order to shift to your desired reality.

I believe it is a good method, especially for people with aphantasia, or who are just really bad at visualizing things.

Shifting is not a one-size-fits-all concept; it is unique to each individual.

Everyone has the ability to shift, but everyone does so in their own unique way.

Happy shifting! Let me know how this works out for you.

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