How to Do the Heartbeat Method for Reality Jumping

How to Do the Heartbeat Method for Reality Jumping

The Heartbeat method for shifting realities involves listening to a heartbeat sound, visualizing that you are sleeping on someone’s chest, whilst repeating affirmations until you have shifted to your desired reality.

Other reality shifting methods, such as the Pillow and Raven methods, require scripting, whereas the Heartbeat method does not.

You can, however, write a shifting script and read it every day to imprint the desired reality you want to experience once you’ve successfully shifted.

Continue reading to learn how to shift to your desired reality with the Heartbeat method in 5 simple steps!

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Preparing for the Heartbeat Method for Shifting

Getting ready for the Heartbeat method is similar to getting ready for any other reality-shifting method.

This entails selecting a time when you will not be disturbed and creating a calm, non-distracting environment.

Before beginning this method, it is recommended that you meditate to clear your mind of racing thoughts.

The app that I use for meditating is Headspace, you can download it for free here. It’s a cool and easy-to-use app that makes meditation enjoyable and enjoyable!

Also, make sure you’re properly hydrated.

Shifting can be mentally exhausting, so stay hydrated when attempting to shift so that your body does not become exhausted if/when you shift.

Without further ado, here is the step-by-step guide on using the Heartbeat method to shift to your desired reality tonight

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Step 1: Find a Good Heartbeat Sound on YouTube.

The first step of the Heartbeat method is to find a heartbeat track on YouTube.

There are hundreds of heartbeat sounds on YouTube, but you should choose one that is less than 20 minutes long.

So, go with the one that feels more natural to you. Also, don’t forget to turn autoplay off!

You don’t want to come across any advertisements while using this method

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Step 2: Get into a Comfortable Position Where You Can Fall Asleep.

The second step in using the Heartbeat method to shift to your desired reality is to find a relaxing position, preferably one in which you can fall asleep.

Once you’ve gotten comfortable and relaxed, you can either place your phone beneath your pillow or use earphones to listen to the heartbeat track.

I prefer to listen with my AirPods on because they have noise cancellation, but you can listen however you like.

The main point is that you can clearly hear the heartbeat

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Step 3: Visualize Yourself Sleeping on Someone’s Chest from your DR.

The third step of the Heartbeat method is to visualize yourself sleeping on someone’s chest.

So, now start the track, close your eyes and imagine that you are sleeping on someone’s chest. This person can be any person you wish from your desired reality.

Take your time and don’t rush anything.

Calm yourself knowing that you are sleeping with your favorite person

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Step 4: Imagine them Leading you to a Door.

Imagine the person you’re sleeping on slowly waking you up after the video ends. The room in which you awaken can be anywhere as long as it has a door.

The person will take your hand in theirs and lead you to the door, saying, “It’s time to go home, okay?” and they’ll help you open the door.

If you’re ready to shift, answer yes. If not, you can recite positive shifting affirmations to help you shift.

Some examples of shifting affirmations are:

  • I am shifting.
  • I will shift tonight.
  • I am going to my desired reality.
  • I love being in my desired reality

Step 5: Recite Affirmations as You’re Falling. Then, Open your Eyes When You Feel that You’ve Arrived.

When you open the door, there should be a bright light behind it, almost completely white. Step into the light.

You should now begin reciting shifting affirmations. Take your time with this one, you don’t want to rush things.

After a while, you will eventually feel as if you are falling. This is completely normal, don’t panic! Feeling like falling is a pretty common shifting symptom. It means that you are almost there!

Continue to affirm. You can open your eyes once you’ve hit the ground and your vision has changed from white to black.

Congratulations! You are in your desired reality!

How to Do the Heartbeat Method for Reality Jumping: Final Thoughts

You should now be in your desired reality if you followed the steps above correctly!

If you’re having trouble with the Heartbeat method because it requires a bit of visualization, here are some alternatives.

Remember to maintain your focus and concentration on what you’re trying to achieve. Maintain a positive attitude and stay hydrated and relaxed.

Finally, believe in your ability to shift!

Happy shifting! Let me know how this works out for you!

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