5 Shifting Stories that Will Help You Shift Tonight!

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Shifting realities is a TikTok trend in which people use their consciousness to travel to different realities while their bodies remain in the current one.

In this article, I’ll share five shifting stories that will spark your imagination and inspire you to believe in yourself and your ability to shift!

It can be overwhelming when you first start out in the world of shifting, especially with all of the information and different methods floating around in various communities.

Here’s my shifting routine.

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When you’re trying to shift to your desired reality, reading about other people’s journeys is always motivating.

Women reading the 5 Shifting Stories That Will Help You Shift Tonight

Here are some shifting stories that will inspire you

A user on YouTube shared their shifting story and their experience with the Julia method:

He/she was attempting to shift to Middle Earth.

So, he/she was listening to a guided meditation for the Julia method while laying on the ground in a starfish position (which you don’t have to do), and after the meditation, he/she had a video playing with forest ambiance because he/she wanted to wake up in a forest (near Rivendell).

He/she was listening to the audio, and after a while, his/hers face became extremely hot, their heart began to race, and it felt as if something was pushing out of their stomach.

And then he/she started hearing forest sounds like wind in the trees and birds, sounds that did not appear in the audio. So he was sure that he/she had arrived in their DR.



The user said that:

“I know that what you should do to actually stay in your dr is to make sure you do something as soon as you get there, but I think at that moment I was too amazed to do anything. Maybe that was the reason I shifted back, cause I was so surprised it actually worked.”

Another user on Reddit asked the shifting community for advice and different users shared their shifting stories:

After hearing about the Law of Assumption and reading the teaching of Neville Goddard, this Reddit user understand the power of her beliefs and assumptions about herself.

After learning about shifting from TikTok, this Reddit user wanted to try shifting as well and she asked the following questions:

  • what happened when you first shifted. how did you feel? what did you see?
  • the most memorable moment in your dr?
  • tips?

Here are the top two answers:


If you haven’t shifted yet, or if you find it very difficult to do so, here are my best shifting tips!

Finally, I’ll leave you with two more shifting stories from YouTube.


To Conclude

I hope these shifting stories have motivated you and given you a sense of empowerment.

Shifting is a simple process.

But because of how we were raised, people tend to overcomplicate or perceive shifting as intimidating.

Remember, we are powerful creators with the ability to change our own realities.

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