How to Shift for the First Time: 7 Shifting Tips

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Are you wanting to learn how to shift for the first time? I have 7 excellent, beginner-friendly shifting tips to share with you today.

I know how it can be when you first dive into the world of shifting, it can feel a bit overwhelming to know which method is best.

Don’t worry if you’ve been trying to shift to your desired reality but haven’t had any luck; you’ve come to the right place.

This is a list of all the tips I’ve learned from my shifting experiences! I hope you find this information useful!

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Here are 7 expert tips to help you shift for the first time tonight!

These are shifting tips from my personal experience as well as tips from other members of the shifting community.

Let’s get started.

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    Tip 1: Drink Lots of Water Throughout the Day.

    The first tip I have for you to shift for the first time tonight is to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

    It is said that drinking water “raises one’s vibrations” (i.e., gets one into a positive mood and makes one less negative).

    Raising vibrations is said to make it easier for people to shift. Drinking water, of course, keeps you hydrated.

    Shifting can be mentally exhausting, so it’s important to stay hydrated when attempting to shift so that your body isn’t exhausted if/when you shift.

    Drinking water is also beneficial to your health, so it’s a good idea to get into the habit of drinking plenty of it on a daily basis.

    Tip 2: Choose a Shifting Method and Stick to It.

    How To Shift For The First Time: 7 Shifting Tips That Are Easy To Do

    There are lots of different reality shifting methods you can choose from, each will have its pros and cons.

    You can try different methods, but I strongly advise that once you find one that works for you, you stick with it for at least 5-10 tries.

    A method may not work the first time, but if you try it again and again, you will eventually succeed. For example, the raven method did not work the first time I tried it.

    But I persisted, trying repeatedly, and it now works very well for me.

    Also, don’t get frustrated and try method after method on the same day/night.

    It’s perfectly fine if, one day, things don’t work out the way you wanted them to. So please don’t be upset about it.

    This will instill in you the belief that you will fail at every method, which is not ideal.

    It’s okay to be disappointed; just don’t dwell on it.

    I really like Jose Silva’s method for mastering altered states and shifting reality.

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    Tip 3: Meditate for 5-10 Minutes Before Attempting to Shift.

    The third tip on the list is to sit down and meditate before starting any shifting method.

    On a daily basis, your vibration reflects how you feel. It can be increased or decreased based on your actions and thoughts.

    If you want to shift successfully, you must learn how to raise your vibration.

    We saw previously that we could raise our vibrations by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

    We can also raise our vibrations by meditating.

    Here’s how:

    You are a naturally high-vibration being, but your negative thoughts and beliefs prevent you from vibrating fully.

    When you meditate, you clear your mind of all thoughts.

    This is why meditation is so effective at redirecting your vibration.

    As a result, you can restore your vibration to its natural high-vibration state.

    So, before starting any shifting method, you should meditate for at least 510 minutes.

    If you’re new to meditating, here is a simple guide on how to meditate for shifting.

    Tip 4: Take Frequent Breaks.

    As previously stated, attempting to shift and successfully shifting can be extremely exhausting.

    It is perfectly acceptable to take breaks! Don’t worry about losing all of your progress if you take a break; you won’t.

    Instead of attempting to shift every day, try every other day.

    I’ve heard numerous people describe passing out as a result of overworking their minds; it’s critical to allow your mind and body to rest from time to time.

    You should practice self-care in your free time to care for your mind and body.

    Tip 5: Listen to Subliminals.

    This one is sort of optional, but it is extremely useful.

    If you find yourself having limiting beliefs and/or negative thoughts about your ability to shift or shifting in general, you should listen to subliminals!

    Subliminals are tracks that have hidden affirmations in them that your conscious mind cannot comprehend, but your subconscious mind can.

    They are said to help with shifting because they remove limiting beliefs that prevent you from shifting. Here is the track I used.

    However, keep in mind that subs are not a replacement for doing actual work. They are a tool to assist you, not an actual method.

    Tip 6: Don’t Compare Yourself with Others.

    Don’t compare your shifting journey to the journeys of others.

    It’s fine to click on those “I shifted!” posts and videos on YouTube and feel happy for the person, but don’t tell yourself that you’re not as good because their shifting journey took a couple of weeks, and yours took over a month.

    Also, don’t expect to shift on the first or even the first few attempts. If you do, then congratulations!

    But shifting realities is a process that requires practice, but if you keep trying, you’ll get there! But don’t forget to give your best effort!

    The more you doubt yourself and your abilities, the less likely you are to achieve your goal. Doubts are perfectly normal; it’s what we do as humans.

    However, as long as you maintain hope and remind yourself that you can shift, you will be more than capable of doing so.

    Tip 7: Don’t Give Up!

    The final and most important tip on how to shift for the first time is not to give up!

    It’s normal to have negative feelings from time to time. Just don’t dwell on those feelings, and if you find yourself thinking something negative, try to see the bright side of things.

    There is so much waiting for you in your desired reality that it isn’t worth giving up and losing all that!

    Make a list of the aspects of your desired reality that you are most excited about the next time you feel unmotivated and have doubts about shifting.

    This will help you raise your vibrations, which are crucial to shifting to your desired reality!

    Also, when you “fail” to shift, don’t think of it as a failure; instead, think of it as a step closer each time.

    You’ve got this! It’s not difficult if some people do it by accident; all you have to do is believe.

    how to shift realities for the first time: Final Thoughts

    While these tips are useful when you’re first starting out, you don’t have to follow everything exactly as I’ve described!

    After all, this is advice, not rules.

    This is intended to serve as a guide for your first shifting experience.

    Do whatever works best for you and makes you feel the most at ease!

    Happy shifting!

    If you have tried or successfully shifted, please share your experience in the comments section below!

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    1. I gave up shifting for a while, because I just couldn’t find the right DR for me, and I was overthinking it all. I recently started practicing again, It almost worked for me last night, but there was a sound that I heard from my CR and knew what it was so I was brought back, but I didn’t let that get myself down, because I was proud of myself that I was so close, and I will be trying again tonight, so hopefully it goes well (:

      1. @Emelia, how did it go from there?

    2. I was thinking about giving up on shifting because I had always been unsuccessful, but reading this it gave me alot of motivation to want to try again and try harder! This helped me regain back so much confidence so tThank you!

      1. @Khalida,did u succeed ?

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