What Happens To Your Body When You Shift Realities? {Explained!}

What Happens To Your Body When You Shift Realities, a woman womders as she sits on a beach chair

If you’ve been diving into the shifting community, you’ve probably got a lot of questions that need to be answered.

One of these questions is “What happens to your body when you shift realities?”

Reality is a complex concept that can be viewed through whichever lens you choose.

If we listen to quantum physics, we must understand two things: first, that all realities exist concurrently with every possibility in the current time; and second, that the current time is now.

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This reminds us that we have the ability to choose or match our frequency to the reality we seek.

Think of it like pressing a button on a radio frequency.

The body here has the pre-existing ability to exist in all realities at the same time, so when you shift, you are existing in all realities at the same time.

The body is now a concurrent reality in both your current and desired realities.

If we go into psychology, the body experiences similar states as lucid dreaming, hypnosis, maladaptive daydreaming, or even REM sleep.

This means that shifting realities can be meditative, fantastical, relaxing, and tiring.

A shift occurs, with various sensations serving as indicators.

Sweating, racing heart, skin tingling, twitching, a sense of weightlessness, or levitation are all symptoms of shifting.

The most common shifting symptom though is a slight sense of numbness before you are about to shift.

Scents also serve as markers in some rare cases where a specific scent will strongly emerge from your desired reality.

So if you smell spearmint, you know you’re on the right track.

Shifting can feel like an out-of-body experience, and you may even come across other versions of yourself, so keep your wits about yourself.

When we shift realities, our bodies are now able to view time from a distance and gather information.

Our consciousness exists within the physical vessel of our body and is now allowed to coexist with it.

While we may refer to this as traveling, the truth is that we exist in both worlds at the same time.

After shifting to the desired reality, the body feels it exactly as it is, whether it is the warm hands of a lover or the chilly cold wind.

Both will make you feel goosebumps.

Some people will script their desired reality so that they do not experience pain or fear; in that case, those parts of the body will function as they should.

How Long Can You Shift Realities For?

If it were up to some people, it would last forever! You can imagine people using that one-way ticket to get to the cozy bookstore, the chattering forest, and their favorite smiling character.

However, some math and a thorough examination of all the numbers in the situation may be required in this case. The following questions must be asked:

What is the time ratio between your current reality and your desired reality?

Do they take the same amount of time, or have you discovered that an hour in your desired reality is equivalent to a minute in your current one?

Some people can go through days in a single hour.

Many people also take time off after returning from their desired reality to catch up on their chores.

So, count the seconds on your hand and what you need to do!

Many beginners who find their bodies still will need to balance their hours in the current reality with their desired reality, so they can shift but also return to take care of their bodies and current reality matters.

Others, such as some rare skilled shifters who claim to have their clone moving around in their current reality, can go on and shift for a longer and more intense period of time.

More importantly, trial and error is the most effective way to figure out how long you can shift.

You must trust yourself and your body to figure out what works best for you, and it is recommended that you start slowly and gradually increase your time commitment.

Can you Shift Realities Permanently?

The simpler answer is: YES, you can shift realities permanently!

You can stay in your desired reality for as long as you want, so if that means forever, you shift permanently.

Now for the longer answer. There is respawning and permanently shifting.

Respawning is shifting with the scripted intention of forgetting about your current reality.

In simpler terms, you script that all of the memories and experiences you had in this current reality will be erased.

Permanently shifting, on the other hand, is simply shifting and making the conscious choice to never return.

You will never accidentally shift back, so you will not have to respawn.

You can simply permanently shift to your desired reality.

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  1. if i want to return to my CR but forgot my ticket out what should i do? my biggest worry is being trapped in m DR..


  3. What happens to your body when you permanently shift?

  4. This was an amazing article. However, I do have a question. Let’s say I’d like to shift to a reality where I have a different family and we live in a different country and I want to stay there forever. I’d have to script that the CR me never existed and I will respawn in that new reality with my desired name, family and memories without having any knowledge of CR me? If so, how does one go about a permanent shift?

  5. This was very helpful because I’m still learning more about shifting and I do have a question. If you get hurt in your DR will you also get hurt in your CR?

    1. Hello Adrianna, that’s a very good question. No, you can’t get hurt in your CR!

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