How to Do the Elevator Method Shifting Technique

view of the inside of an elevator shaft - How to Do the Elevator Method Shifting Technique

The Elevator Method, which involves visualizing yourself in an elevator, with your energy levels increasing with each floor you pass, is another popular sleep method for shifting to your desired reality.

When compared to other reality-shifting techniques, the Elevator method is a straightforward but effective visualization-based method.

So, if you have trouble visualizing, here are the best shifting methods that don’t require visualization.

While scripting is important for the Raven method of shifting, it is not necessary for the Elevator method.

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However, you are free to write a shifting script and run it through it every day to imprint in your mind what reality you want to experience once you’ve successfully shifted.

Here are the 4 steps to using the Elevator shifting method to shift to your desired reality.

Step 1: Get into a Comfortable Position and Raise your Vibrations.

The first step of the Elevator method is to find a comfortable position and then raise your vibrations.

On a daily basis, your vibration reflects how you feel. It can be increased or decreased based on your actions and thoughts. If you want to successfully shift, you must learn how to raise your vibration.

Here are some suggestions for raising your vibration:

  • Listening to subliminals
  • Mеdіtаtіng
  • Listening to music that reminds you of your desired reality

I recommend meditating for 5-10 minutes from the options listed above before attempting shifting, and I’ll explain why.

You are a naturally high-vibration being, but your negative thoughts and beliefs prevent you from vibrating fully.

This is why meditation is so effective at bringing your vibration back into alignment.

When you meditate, you clear your mind of all thoughts.

As a result, you can restore your vibration to its natural high-vibration state, making it way easier to shift successfully.

Step 2: Visualize that you’re in an Elevator.

For the second step, visualize you’re going in an elevator.

So, now that you are all relaxed and calm, close your eyes and imagine you are in an elevator, and as each floor passes, your energy level rises (you can imagine each floor as a different reality if you want).

As you ascend, begin to imagine your desired reality. If you’re about to shift, you should feel tingles, but keep your eyes closed. Don’t worry, this is a common shifting symptom.

Step 3: Once your Energy gets High Enough, Exit the Elevator, and Walk into your DR Room.

When your energy level reaches a certain level, land on one floor and watch the doors slowly open.

Then, imagine yourself walking out of the elevator, slowly going into your desired reality room, and seeing your desired reality self sleeping in their bed.

Step 4: Fall Asleep in Your DR Body.

You will then visualize yourself gradually removing your conscious self and replacing it with your desired reality self.

In simpler terms, go into their body, and while staying in their body, go to sleep. You can also recite some shifting affirmations so you can fall asleep faster. This is optional, but I have found it helpful.

If you’ve done everything correctly, you should wake up in your desired reality!

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