Is Shifting Realities Dangerous? Read This Before Attempting

Woman looking at her shadow wondering, Is Shifting Realities Dangerous?

Is Shifting Realities Dangerous? Shifting reality is a practice that has recently surfaced as a TikTok trend in which one uses their consciousness to travel to other realities while their body remains in the current reality.

The shifter transitions from their current reality to their desired reality.

It is based on the multiverse theory, which states that all realities coexist in the current moment.

With its growing popularity, the practice’s safety has been questioned.

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So, is shifting realities dangerous?

The short answer is that, aside from being mentally taxing for the person attempting to shift, the practice of shifting realities is completely safe.

Attempting to shift does not put your body under any physical stress, but some people are concerned about the practice’s mental consequences.

Continue reading to learn more about the dangers and safety of shifting realities.

Woman looking to sky wondering Is Shifting Realities Dangerous?

Is Shifting Against Religion?

When it comes to the practice of shifting realities, one common accusation found on the internet is that it is dangerous because it is a liaison with the devil.

Shifting has been accused by many religious people of being an occult practice, a temptation to abandon faith. However, this is not the case.

Shifting realities is an innate ability that humans already have and does not necessitate the creation of a separate entity.

Indeed, it has been proposed that such practices will aid people in exploring their spiritual side as they venture into the realms of consciousness.

More than anything else, you’re getting closer to your divinity!

Misleading Information about Shifting Realities

As with all popular topics on the internet, content can run rampant without any checks. As people seek to understand and categorize their experiences, misinformation, and popularity grow hand in hand.

If uninformed viewers are unable to discern information, this can lead to them harming themselves, especially among younger audiences.

Consequently, this can be seen in one of the subcultures of shifting which is called “perma-shifting”.

Perma-shifting is the process of permanently shifting your reality from your current one to the desired one. It is a highly encouraged and popular idea among its followers.

This doesn’t appear to be a bad idea until one considers the theories or instructions found in some Reddit threads.

For example, vulnerable users may be told that this can be accomplished at the expense of letting their body to die or killing themselves in their current reality.

Such information can be extremely harmful to younger vulnerable shifters who lack the good judgment to discard such concepts while learning to shift.

A Mental Health Dilemma

Furthermore, mental health professionals have raised numerous concerns for people suffering from mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, OCD, dissociative disorders, or PTSD.

They are concerned that people will use shifting as a coping mechanism to the extreme, without realizing how it will interfere with their daily lives.

It may become addictive, or it may be used compulsively as a distraction to negate their current reality.

In the end, they may confuse dissociation with this practice.

There is a fear that they will not seek help, or that people who are displaying symptoms of mental illness will ignore them due to the similarity of the symptoms displayed and the experiences in shifting realities.

So is Shifting Safe?

Finally, all of these dangers can be avoided, so yes, shifting is safe.

Despite the concerns, shifting realities has received widespread support.

Within reason, shifting can be beneficial and even improve one’s mental health. Here’s why:

Shifting Realities Provides a Comfort Place

In one way, it provides a place of safety, or a reality to experience pleasant emotions.

It can provide people with a sense of control and assist them in making positive changes in their lives. It is most effective when one is in a healthy, stable, and positive state.

Also, shifting does not pose any physical risk to the body. When it comes to mental health issues, there are always precautions that are readily available, as well as discernment that can be used to make informed decisions.

All of these dangers are avoidable if one is aware of them.

A Growing Safety Net

In fact, the shifting reality community online is taking steps to ensure that people are well informed and not misled.

The online community has created a forum for people to discuss sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming, and their own experiences in determining the difference between safety and danger.

Furthermore, for people who are concerned about their intrusive thoughts manifesting into their desired reality, guides have been created to address their concerns about safety practices.

Having a safe word is encouraged here, and you may come across some strange-sounding phrases in various forums, but they are only there to provide shifters with a sense of security and grounding.

Aside from the odd fruit or childhood bedroom color strewn about, you’ll also find affirmations. These can be phrases like “I am safe.”

If you’re worried about getting lost in your desired reality, there are subliminals on YouTube to help you guide yourself through it.

Useful Shifting Tips.

Any concerns one may have, the community has a solution to make the process even safer.

Those who are concerned about being mentally exhausted after their journeys will be advised to take advantage of free pre-planned blocks later in the day.

Food and juice are recommended for those who may become hungry in the middle of the journey.

There are numerous videos and articles that debunk myths and explain where people may be going wrong.

You Have Total Control.

Overall, you must remember you have the power to come back anytime you want. You are the captain of the ship and can end your experience at any time.

You can shift from a dangerous or unpleasant reality by using your will as a co-creator with your consciousness. You have complete control and you can’t get stuck in a new reality.

Is Shifting Realities Dangerous? Conclusion

In the end, in shifting realities, people begin by scripting themselves to acquire traits that they wish they possessed, and they eventually come to embody them.

Shifting realities provide an opportunity to experience and practice a version of yourself that you can strive for. You will become more relaxed and happy as you get closer to yourself.

It is a safe journey to understanding the realities that exist, but it is also an adventurous and exciting one!

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