How to Do the Sunni Method for Quantum Leaping

How to Do the Sunni Method for Quantum Leaping

The Sunni method is one of the more popular sleep methods in the shifting community. It has gained popularity on apps such as Amino, TikTok, and Wattpad.

The Sunni method involves tricking your mind into believing that you are already in your desired reality through visualization and affirmations.

This can be a difficult method to use, especially if you’re new to shifting, so I wouldn’t recommend it right away, but if you’re confident and good at tricking your mind and visualizing, go ahead.

If you are having trouble with visualization, here are the best shifting methods that don’t need any visualization on your part.

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Other reality-shifting methods, such as the Raven and Pillow methods, require scripting, whereas the Sunni method does not.

You can, however, write a shifting script and read it every day so you can imprint in your mind how you want to experience your desired reality after you’ve successfully shifted.

Keep on reading to find out how to shift to your desired reality using the Sunni method in 5 simple steps.

Preparing for the Sunni Method

Preparing for the Heartbeat method is similar to getting ready for any other reality-shifting method.

This entails choosing a time when you will not be disturbed and establishing a calm, non-distracting environment.

It is also recommended that you meditate before beginning this method to clear your mind of racing thoughts. Check out my article on how to meditate for more information!

Subliminals can also be used in the background.

Subliminal messages are hidden affirmations that your conscious mind can not process, but your subconscious mind can.

They are said to aid in shifting because they remove limiting beliefs that block out your shifting power.

Make sure you’re also properly hydrated.

Shifting can be mentally exhausting, so stay hydrated when attempting to shift so that your body does not become exhausted if/when you shift

How to Do the Sunni Method for Shifting

Step 1: Lie Down in a Comfortable Position.

The first step in using the Sunni method to shift into your desired reality is to get into a comfortable and relaxed position.

Many people believe that in order to shift, you must lie down in a starfish position. However, this is not the case.

So, for this method, first, lie down in a comfortable position. Just make sure it’s comfortable enough for you to fall asleep without being bothered.

Because we’ll be visualizing a lot in the following steps, it’s critical that you stay calm so that you can shift to your desired reality.

You can play some subliminals or Theta waves in the background if you want.

Theta waves are “slow” waves that range in frequency from 3.5 to 7.5 Hz.

They are linked to creativity, intuition, daydreaming, and fantasizing, and they serve as a repository for memories, emotions, and sensations.

Simply put, Theta waves will assist you in achieving a sleep-wake state (mind awake, body asleep) that is ideal for shifting

Step 2: Visualize Yourself in your Desired Reality.

The next step of the Sunni method is to close your eyes and imagine yourself in your desired reality.

To make the visualization process easier, you can visualize a specific scene or an average day in your desired reality.

Make yourself feel as if you’re there, living it up.

Focus on the high vibrational energy that this brings you once you have a strong mental image of your desired reality. Consider how good it makes you feel.

This is the type of energy you want while shifting

Step 3: Feel that you Are in your Desired Reality by Using your 5 Senses.

After visualizing that you are in your desired reality, you should now try and feel that you are there. We’re going to achieve this by using your 5 senses.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. What do you hear?

Examples: people talking, cars outside, someone yelling, music playing, etc.

2. What do you smell?

Examples: Food cooking, candles, flowers, etc.

3. What do you feel?

Examples: Your blankets, pillow, cold/hot, etc.

4. What do you see?

Examples: People from your Desired Reality, surroundings changing, etc.

5. What do you taste?

Examples: Different types of food, etc.

When your eyes are closed, your mind is unsure whether what you are visualizing/feeling is real or not.

That’s how you trick your brain into thinking and feeling that you are in your Desired reality

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Step 4: Recite Shifting Affirmations until you Get any Symptoms.

The Sunni method’s fourth step is to recite shifting affirmations until you notice any symptoms of shifting.

Some examples of shifting affirmations are:

  • I have shifted.
  • I am in my desired reality.
  • I have shifted into my desired reality.
  • I look like my desired reality self.
  • I will shift tonight.

After repeating these affirmations for a while, you should experience some shifting symptoms. Don’t panic! This means that you are so close to shifting!

Some common shifting symptoms and signs are:

  • Dizziness.
  • Feeling like falling.
  • Itching or tingling throughout your body.
  • Racing heart.

It is completely normal for your arms and legs to tingle and become numb because you want your consciousness to be awake while your body sleeps.

The sensation of tingling and itching is caused by your brain determining whether you are still awake or asleep as a result of inactivity

Step 5: Open your Eyes, You Should be in your Desired Reality.

When you believe you have arrived at your desired reality, the fifth and final step of the Sunni method is to open your eyes!

Everything in your current reality will fade away over time.

You’ll notice a shift in your surroundings, and once you’re certain you’ve arrived, slowly open your eyes.

You should have arrived at your desired reality by now! Congratulations!

But, don’t give up if you aren’t yet. Shifting takes time and cannot be done perfectly on the first try

In Summary

If you followed the steps above correctly, you should now be in your desired reality!

If you’re having trouble with the Sunni method because it requires a lot of visualization, here are some alternatives.

Maintain your focus and concentration on what you’re attempting to achieve. Maintain a positive attitude and stay hydrated and relaxed.

Finally, believe in your ability to shift!

Happy shifting! Please let me know how this goes for you.

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