How to Do the Melt Method in 5 Simple Steps

How To Do The Melt Method In 5 Simple Steps

The Melt method entails visualizing yourself melting into your desired reality self and room while reciting shifting affirmations until you arrive in your desired reality.

Other reality-shifting methods, such as the Pillow or Raven methods, require scripting, but the Melt method does not.

You can, however, write a shifting script and read it every day to imprint the desired reality in your mind once you’ve successfully shifted.

Keep on reading to find out how to shift realities with the Melt method in 5 simple steps.

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Preparing for the Melt Method

Preparing for the Melt method is similar to preparing for any other reality-shifting method.

This entails choosing a time when you won’t be disturbed and creating a peaceful, non-distracting environment. It is suggested that you meditate before starting this method to clear your mind of racing thoughts.

Headspace is a meditation app that I use and adore; you can get it for free here. It’s a very cool and user-friendly app that makes meditation enjoyable and fun!

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Also, make sure you’re properly hydrated. Shifting can be mentally exhausting, so stay hydrated when attempting to shift so that your body isn’t exhausted if/when you shift

Step 1: Get into a Comfortable Position.

The first step of the Melt method is to lie down in a comfortable position, preferably in a starfish position.

Because we’ll be visualizing a lot in the following steps, it’s critical that you remain calm in order to shift to your desired reality.

This is optional but you can put some subliminals or Theta waves playing in the background.

Theta waves are “slow” waves with frequencies ranging from 3.5 to 7.5 Hz. They are associated with creativity, intuition, daydreaming, and fantasizing, and it serves as a storage place for memories, emotions, and sensations.

Simply put, Theta waves will help you achieve a sleep-wake state (mind awake, body asleep), which is ideal for shifting

Step 2: Imagine that Underneath your CR Room is your DR Room.

The second step in using the Melt method to shift realities is to visualize your desired reality room beneath your current reality room.

Imagine it upside down (like a mirror) with an outline of your DR self lying in bed, exactly as you are right now, in the same exact position

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Step 3: Recite Affirmations Whilst Counting from 1-100.

The third step is to count slowly from 1 to 100 while reciting positive affirmations for shifting.

While counting, try to imagine your desired reality, such as where you’ll wake up, how your room will look when you wake up, where you are, how it smells, the weather, how you look, what you hear, and so on.

Once you have a strong mental image of your desired reality, focus on the high vibrational energy that this brings you. Feel how good it makes you feel.

This is the kind of energy you want to be around while shifting.

Recite one shifting affirmation between each tenth number while counting to 100.

For example: “…8,9,10, I’m shifting tonight,11,12…

Examples of shifting affirmations:

  • I am shifting.
  • I can shift easily.
  • I am in my desired reality.
  • I love being in my desired reality.
  • Shifting comes natural to me

Step 4: Visualize yourself Melting into your DR Room.

When you get close to 100, you should start to notice some shifting symptoms, such as numbness, itchiness, and so on. Don’t be afraid!

It’s totally normal if your arms and legs tingle and numb because you want your consciousness to be awake while your body sleeps.

The tingling and itching sensation is caused by your brain determining whether you are still awake or asleep as a result of inactivity.

You then imagine sinking through your cr bed into your dr bed. Visualize that your body and mind are melting into your Desired Reality self

Step 5: Open your Eyes, and you Should be in your Desired Reality.

The fifth and final step in the Melt method is to open your eyes when you believe you have arrived at your desired reality!

You should be in your desired reality by now.

Everything in your current reality will gradually fade away. You’ll notice a change in your surroundings, and once you’re sure you’re there, slowly open your eyes.

If you aren’t, don’t give up. Shifting takes time and cannot be accomplished flawlessly on the first try.

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Final Thoughts

If you followed the steps above correctly, you should be in your desired reality now!

If you’re having trouble with this method because it requires a lot of visualization, here are some of the best shifting methods that don’t.

Keep your focus and concentration on what you’re attempting to accomplish.

Maintain a positive attitude and make sure you’re properly hydrated and relaxed. Finally, believe that you can shift!

Happy shifting! Please keep me updated on how this works out for you.

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