Can You Wax Over A Tattoo?

woman about to wax her legs wondering Can You Wax Over A Tattoo?

How can we intertwine hair removal with tattoos so we can always show off those works of art? Can you wax over a tattoo?

What if you wax and then want to get a tattoo? How long do you have to wait?

All perfectly normal questions to have, and we have your answers! So whether you have a tattoo, are contemplating a tattoo, or have clients asking you all these questions, we can help.

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When it comes to waxing over tattoos, you will have all your waxing and tattoo bases covered by the end of this blog post.

Plus, we’ve got our recommendation for the best wax to use over those tattoos, and we guarantee you’ll understand why it’s a perfect match!

We can’t go into all the details until we cover the most important question: Can you wax over a tattoo?

Is It Safe To Wax Over A Tattoo?

In a general sense, yes, it is definitely safe to wax over tattoos!

Phew! Glad we cleared that one up!

But, we do have to throw a word of caution out there.

Waxing over tattoos is safe as long as your tattoo has completely and entirely healed up.

And, by healed up, we mean there are no scabs or skin openings from a fresh tattoo.

If there is a scab or an open wound of any type on your tattoo, then you need to wait until that heals up before waxing over it.

How long does it take a fresh tattoo to heal up?

The answer varies, as each person is different when it comes to how quickly they heal up, plus it also depends upon if a fresh tattoo needs a touch-up or not.

The general range is around 2-3 weeks for some, but it is best to wait at least four weeks before you get waxed over a newer tattoo.

This to ensure no damage or fading to the tattoo occurs or damage to your skin by accidentally pulling off any scabs.

I’m sure you’d agree that getting a tattoo is painful enough; adding waxing to the mix when your skin is still sensitive from a new tattoo isn’t a great mix.

So give your skin the ample time it needs to heal up properly. Waxing will be available before you know it!

This goes without saying, though, that if you have had your tattoo for a good while, no need to hesitate getting waxed!

Your tattoo will be just fine and might even get some benefits!

Benefits Of Waxing Over A Tattoo

A benefit of waxing over a tattoo is making the tattoo more vibrant.

Dead skin cells frequently accumulate on the outer layer of the epidermis.

This dead skin cell build-up can cause your tattoo to look a little faded or dulled out.

However, since waxing provides light exfoliation, it will not only remove the hair that is covering your body art but will also remove this build-up of dead skin cells, leaving you with smoother and brighter skin!

Smoother and brighter skin with a more vibrant tattoo!

But if it pulls off the skin cells, can it remove any of the ink and make the tattoo fade at all?

Since the tattoo ink is applied deeper into your skin, the second layer of skin called the dermis, your ink will not be affected by waxing over a healed tattoo.

The dead skin cells that waxing removes are on the first layer of skin, the epidermis.

Now, going back to a “healed tattoo,” if you get waxed too soon, and your skin hasn’t had enough time to heal completely, your ink could be affected since there are still open wounds, and this could lead to infection.

Another benefit of waxing over a tattoo includes less risk for ingrown hairs! How can this help your tattoo?

If not treated correctly, ingrown hairs can cause scarring and hyperpigmentation, all of which you don’t want over your tattoos.

If you notice you are prone to ingrown hairs, you can read our blog on 7 ways to prevent and treat them.

Shaving tends to increase the chances of having ingrown hairs. By eliminating shaving and moving towards waxing as your prime hair removal method.

You’ll decrease your chances of scarring from ingrown hairs and ruining the look of your tattoo.

And who doesn’t fear a dreaded nick or cut from shaving that can cause a big scar too!

Overall, to protect the look of your tattoo, waxing is definitely a much more beneficial and safer route to take when it comes to hair removal.

Ok, so you’re ready to wax over your tattoos, or your clients are ready for you to wax over their tattoos. Which wax do we recommend?

Is It Better To Shave Or Wax Over A Tattoo?

Due to the longevity and gentle exfoliation that waxing provides, it is better to wax over a tattoo.

If you shave, there is a high chance that your skin will become irritated, dry, and leave razor bumps or burn over the tattoo.

Waxing can help prevent most of this and keep your tattoo looking beautiful without any irritations occurring that would with shaving!

What about waxing or shaving before a tattoo?

Is It Better To Shave Or Wax Before A Tattoo?

Again, we’re here to say waxing is your best bet before you get a tattoo as well.

Tattoo artists always need to shave the hair off of the area you are getting a tattoo, but with shaving, stubble will sometimes grow back even by the next day!

This causes the healing process to be even that much more uncomfortable and irritating.

If you wax a few days before you get a tattoo, you will be able to allow your skin to heal for a few weeks without having to worry about hair re-growth irritating your already sensitive skin.

Keep in mind if you do wax beforehand, do it at least 2-3 days before your tattoo so that your skin doesn’t have any residual sensitivities from the wax that the tattoo process would exacerbate.

The Best Wax For Over Your Tattoos

Hard Wax Tablets are perfect for getting your brightest and most hygienic wax over your tattoos.

Although your tattoos are healed up, and it’s safe to wax over them, knowing the skin above your tattoo is getting the best, and cleanest treatment reassures you that your skin won’t risk infections or adverse reactions that could hinder how your tattoo appears.

Calendula research also shows that it can help to speed up skin recovery, which means less redness and more tattoo brightness!

Speaking of brightening…

Calendula wax is known to hydrate and improve your skin tone, all of which can contribute to glowing and radiant skin, making your tattoos look their finest as you strut your hairless self around.

Didn’t we say you’d agree with us that this is the best wax for over your tattoos? Yeah, we knew you’d feel the same way we do.

This is an outstanding wax to use on clients with or without tattoos, so we recommend you always keep at least some on hand for when a tattooed client comes in.

They’ll feel comfortable and likely stay as a loyal customer since you’ve tended to their exact needs.

Now, what if your client gets waxed and then wants to get a tattoo? How long do they have to wait?

How Long Should I Wait After Waxing To Get A Tattoo?

You only need to wait, at the minimum, 2 or 3 days post-waxing before you can get a tattoo.

It’s a great idea to get waxed before your tattoo appointment anyways because if there is any hair over the area you want your tattoo, your tattoo artist will shave the hair off as your appointment begins.

If you’re already hairless- one less thing they have to do! Plus, waxing gives some added benefits in this regard, too.

Waxing is super efficient before getting inked up because the results last much longer! With waxing, hair takes much longer to grow back.

This means your immediate healing process won’t be further irritated by hair re-growth, unlike shaving, where stubble can sometimes grow back the next day! Ouch.

Go ahead and wax away before you get your tattoo! Just remember to give your skin a few days to calm down thoroughly post-waxing, so you don’t irritate already irritated skin.

A bit of extra patience will go a long way to getting the tattoo you want with flawless skin to go along with it.

Can You Wax Over A Tattoo – Conclusion

People have tattoos everywhere these days…and we mean everywhere.

Since tattoos show on our skin, how does this affect hair removal?

Whether you’re female or male, if you have a tattoo, we’d place a bet (well, at least take a strong guess) that you don’t want it obstructed with patches of hair. So, can you wax over your tattoos?

ABSOLUTELY! In fact, waxing over a tattoo is encouraged.

Waxing over your tattoos does not harm the tattoo art itself as the ink is deep in the skin’s dermis, and wax is only applied to the epidermis.

You also run the benefit of removing the top layer of dead skin cells with waxing which gives your tattoo a new vibrancy than it may have had before!

For this reason, we always choose to wax over shaving a tattoo, whether it is after the tattoo is done or even a few days before you get a tattoo to help with the healing process!

However, we always advise caution, and you should do the same with your clients, to wait a full 4-6 weeks to wax after they get a brand new tattoo.

If you wax over the tattoo at this time before it is fully healed, you run the risk of ripping off scabs and causing infection or fading the tattoo from the get-go because your skin hasn’t healed up yet.

Waxing gives you a light exfoliation that removes dead skin cells.

This makes your tattoo much more vibrant and leaves you with longer-lasting hairless skin, making your tattoo more visible.

The only time waxing over a tattoo wouldn’t be advised is if your tattoo is fresh, a.k.a has been done within the past four weeks.

You don’t want to rip off any scabs, irritate the skin more, or cause any damage to the tattoo or skin as a result of infection.

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