The Best Facials For Your Skin Type

The Best Facials For Your Skin Type

What Are The Best Facials For Your Skin Type? It doesn’t take much but a quick look and feel of your skin to realize it’s time for a facial.

Dullness, roughness, maybe even a little breakout screams, “Help me!” But, everyone has different skin types and suffers from various skin ailments; so, which are the best facials for your skin type?

There are slews of different facials available now, ranging from hydration to extraction to anti-aging. How do you choose which one is the best facial for you?

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We’ll discuss the major skin types and what they can benefit most from in this blog and then give you some ideas on which facials would be best for your type.

The Different Skin Types

There are four major skin types: dry, normal/combination, oily, or sensitive.

Illustration of different skin types so you know what is The Best Facials For Your Skin Type

Dry Skin

Dry skin is a type of skin that lacks oil in the outermost layer of the epidermis. The surface can appear flaky, tight, dull, or rough.

Sometimes if you experience dry skin, you may be prone to breakouts. As skin gets cracked and pores are open, there are more opportunities for acne-causing bacteria to get inside.

Additionally, because your skin is so dry, your body can try to make an excess of sebum to make up for it, which can clog your pores, leading to breakouts.

Dry skin also typically shows signs of aging earlier than other skin types and is super easy to dehydrate even more.

This is why anyone with dry skin needs to watch the products they use, ensuring they don’t dry their skin out further accidentally.

Normal/Combination Skin

Normal skin has an ideal amount of oil in the right places.

Normal skin often appears healthy and smooth with a youthful, glowing appearance.

Because normal skin is usually balanced with the right amount of moisture and oil, this type is more resistant to breakouts than other skin types.

However, you should still be careful what products you use on your skin to avoid accidentally stripping it of necessary oils.

With combination skin, you may find yourself getting oily only in the T-zone or around your nose, for example, or you may find yourself getting dryer skin in some areas.

An area that could be dry would be around the eyes and on parts of your chin.

Oily Skin

This skin type has an overall oily appearance.

Oily skin is also prone to acne and blackheads, but because the oil resides in the outermost layer of the epidermis, pores are open from excess sebum production, and this makes it very easy for bacteria to get inside.

Often, breakouts are the result of hormonal changes that cause more oil production.

Oily skin can also often feel very dirty, even after cleansing well. The excess sebum makes it difficult for your skin to stay matte throughout the day.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin feels more sensitive and thinner than other skin types.

This type of skin is more easily irritated and can get red and blotchy, but it also has a low immunity against bacteria that can cause breakouts of the pores.

You might notice more of the blemishes on your chin or around your nose since these areas are already sensitive than other parts of your face.

Sensitive skin needs to be treated gently when cleansing and moisturizing to avoid making the condition worse.

At this point, you probably already know what skin type you have. Now, what type of facials would be best for each of these skin types?

What Is The Best Facial For Your Skin Type?

The best facial for your skin is one that will target its problem areas effectively and gently without making those problem areas worse or potentially causing new areas for concern.

The best facial for skin varies greatly depending upon the skin type you have.

Which facials are best for the four major skin types? Take a peek!

Facials For Dry Skin

The best facials for dry skin are those that are hydrating enough to keep the skin continuously moisturized but also gentle enough not to strip away all the dry skin’s natural oils.

Hydrating facials are one of the best options.

The ever-popular hydrafacial is a top choice for dry skin because it is a multi-step exfoliation, cleansing, and hydration process.

The hydrafacial machine cleanses your skin to get rid of any breakouts and grime.

After it’s done this, it infuses serums into your face to hydrate, refresh, and brighten your skin- all things dry skin need!

Additionally, since people with dry skin tend to show aging sooner, an anti-aging facial for those with deep lines, wrinkles, and need a collagen boost is a perfect choice.

Anti-aging facials stimulate collagen production in the skin, and this helps hydrate and refresh aging skin.

Chemical peels are ideal for anti-aging and also help with dry skin by eliminating the top layer of dead skin, encouraging skin turnover, and leaving a healthier, more hydrated layer behind.

Facials For Oily Skin

The best facials for oily skin are those that can penetrate deep into the pores to remove oil, dead cells, and toxins that may be clogging them. A deep cleansing facial is a prime choice for oily skin.

Since oily skin contributes to acne, you may find an acne facial is an excellent choice for your skin.

The acne facial uses powerful exfoliators, steam, and extracts to deeply cleanse your pores so that there isn’t any dirt, grime, or excess oil left to clog them.

Did you know that some oily skin is actually caused because of dehydration?


Yep. We said it. If your skin isn’t properly hydrated and moisturized, your skin may produce more oil to hydrate itself. A hydrafacial might be just what you need to clear out your skin and rehydrate it properly.

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Best Facials For Sensitive Skin

You will find that each salon and spa offers a variety of facials and uses many different ingredients and products.

Often, a signature, or classic, facial is your best bet with sensitive skin due to its simple cleansing, extracting, exfoliating and moisturizing process.

Always discuss with your esthetician the products they use. They often may have alternatives that are more natural and geared towards those with sensitive skin and can adapt and customize a classic facial perfect for you!

Best Facials For Normal/Combination Skin

If you have a normal/combination skin type, you will find most facial options available to you.

If you want to revive your skin, you may opt for a facial including microdermabrasion, chemical peels, or an oxygen facial.

All of these options contribute to healthy, brightened skin leaving you with the revitalized skin you wanted!

What Are The Best Facial Treatments?

The best facial treatments are the ones that suit your individual needs!

However, hydrafacials are excellent facial treatments as they can bring so much life to your skin whether you have dry, oily, combination, or normal skin.

Most estheticians also would agree that chemical peels are wonderful facial treatments because they offer a wide variety of options for those with different skin concerns.

Facial treatments are fantastic for your skin, and truthfully they are essential, but no one wants perfect skin only to be crowded with hairy brows and lips!

Eyebrow, lip, and other facial waxing services are some of the best things you can do for your face leaving your newly revived and glowing skin matched with gorgeously shaped brows and hairless skin.

It’s a combination that can’t be neglected, and that goes hand in hand.

You might find that your favorite estheticians offer waxing treatments along with your facial services as well!

Here’s a great one-of-a-kind facial waxing kits are superb for keeping your waxing needs in check at the drop of a dime, whether you’re doing so yourself at home or you want to begin offering facial waxing services in your own salon along with your facial services!

This kit allows you to choose exactly which wax you want, perfect for attending to your skin needs or to the majority of your clients.

Learn more about waxing.

The Best Facials For Your Skin TypeConclusion

Facials are a glorious, relaxing, brightening, hydrating, and deep cleansing treatment that is hard to beat!

Our skin struggles with a lot and often needs the boost a facial can give.

Even though there is a multitude of facials available, you can now choose the facial that your skin will benefit most from by understanding which skin type you have and the facials that go best with these skin types.

Even if you have dry, oily, normal/combination, or sensitive skin type, there is a facial for you!

Don’t neglect your facial waxing services along with your facial, too!

The light exfoliation waxing provides can also help with dullness, and neatly shaped brows and a hairless lip does wonders for feeling like your face is in its best shape and glowing everywhere you go.

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